A DOOL’S HOUSE Dissertation

A Doll's House

Publisher: Henrik Ibsen


*Norma Helmer - Wife of Torvald *Torvald Helmer - hubby of Nora *Dr. Get ranking - Wealthy family friend, who is privately in love with Nora *Kristine Separacion - Nora's old school good friend *Nils Krogstad - Employee at Torvald's bank MATERIAL: LIES and DECEIT


MARRIAGE – The main message of a Doll's House appears to be that a true marriage can be described as joining of equals. The play centers of the mold of a marital life that doesn't fulfill these specifications. At first the Helmers seem to be happy, however over the course of the play, the imbalance together becomes increasingly more apparent. Right at the end, the marriage destroys apart because of a complete not enough understanding together. Together in wedlock, both are incapable of realizing who they actually are as individuals. They'll can't say for sure how to act as equals. LADIES AND FEMINITY – Nora of Doll's residence has typically been colored as one of the modern drama's first feminist heroines. Over the course of the play, the girl breaks away from domination of her overbearing husband, Torvald. The playwright, Henrik Ibsen, denied that he had deliberately written a feminist play, preferring to think about it while humanist. Nonetheless, though, through this theatre there is regular talk of ladies, their traditional roles, and price to them of breaking with tradition. MEN AND MASCULINITY -- The men of A Doll's Property are in lots of ways just as trapped by traditional gender tasks as the women (Torvald Helmer being the chief example). The boys must be services. They must carry the burden of supporting the complete...

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