How Is a Alternative to the Linear Type of Innovation Is better in Terms of Operationalisation in Technology

 How Is a Alternative to the Linear Model of Innovation Is most beneficial in Terms of Operationalisation in Technology Essay

Creativity as a non-linear Process, the Scientometric Point of view, and the Standards of an " Innovation Possibilities Explorer" Loet Leydesdorff, Daniele Rotolo, Wouter de Nooy

(Submitted on 28 February 2012 (v1), last modified 29 By 2013 (this version, v2)) The process of creativity follows non-linear patterns through the domains of science, technology, and the economy. Novel bibliometric mapping approaches can be used to investigate and represent distinctive, but complementary views on the innovation process (e. g., " demand" and " supply" ) as well as the interactions between these views. The perspectives can be displayed as " continents" of information related to differing extents with time. For example , different branches of Medical Subject matter Headings (MeSH) in the Medline database give sources of such perspectives (e. g., " Diseases" vs " Medicines and Chemicals" ). The multiple-perspective way enables us to restore facets of the dynamics of innovation, when it comes to selection systems shaping localizable trajectories and resulting in even more globalized routines. By increasing the data with patents and scholarly magazines, we display the use of this multi-perspective approach in the case of RNA Interference (RNAi). The possibility to formulate an " Innovation Opportunities Explorer" is specified. Responses: | Technology Analysis and Strategic Managing (forthcoming in 2013)| Topics: | Digital Libraries (cs. DL); Physics and World (physics. soc-ph)| CiteВ as: | arXiv: 1202. 6235 [cs. DL]

| (or arXiv: 1202. 6235v2 [cs. DL] for this version)

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