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 Palm Jumeirah Research Newspaper


Launched in 2001, Hands Jumeirah may be the icon that captivated the world's focus. The initial chapter of Palm Trilogy, Palm Jumeirah is known as the eighth speculate of the world. Aiding solve Dubai's beach shortage, the island provides doubled Dubai's existing coastline and will also dual the number of beachfront hotels in the city. Along with top notch residences and hotels, this island then features unprecedented retail, excellent leisure and premier entertainment options. It is anticipated to welcome 20, 000 site visitors a day. A monorail, the first of its kind in the region, can transport people conveniently to a variety of tropical isle locations. Fast-becoming a reality, Hand Jumeirah can be Dubai's recognized landmark and international fascination. В

Area: В В В

Jumeirah, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates

Task Type: В В В

Mixed-use development of commercial, retail, household and food offerings

Levels: В

Handover of villas and apartments rentals, followed by lodge construction

Finalization Date:

Handover of the first phase of Palm Jumeirah began 12 , 2006

Idea and Design and style

Dubai, the fastest growing tourist destination in the world, was rapidly running out of beachfront. So as to solve this kind of beach scarcity, His Highness Sheikh Prophet Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vp and Excellent Minister and Ruler of Dubai, had an idea to increase beachfront, and a drawing evolved that was an island resembling a palm tree. The ingenious type of fronds fanning outward developed more beachfront than will be accommodated by a traditional, round island. From this initial strategy, the idea of Hands Jumeirah was developed and architectural planning after that began. Prep and Preparing

An commencing as extraordinary as Hands Jumeirah requires exceptional planning and world class engineering. The progress with the development was fuelled simply by years of research, attention to detail and a long term commitment toward success.

Design, coastal processes and system were researched extensively before a location analysis, focusing on environmental impact, was conducted. Technical engineers then tracked offshore trend conditions and meteorological info to inform the very best design pertaining to The Crescent – one which would guard the inner area from ocean and currents. Only following years of careful study, in these and also other topics under no circumstances before looked into, would the eighth wonder begin to consider shape. В


* three years of planning, 42 asking firms and also 50 studies have helped to ensure Hands Jumeirah's feasibility and audio construction. Marine ecology, targeted traffic, population and business advancement continue to be examined closely.

Environmental Sustainability:

* Side Jumeirah is made of natural components onlyвЋЇ fine sand and rock. В It might have been less difficult, but less environmentally friendly, to make with metallic and cement instead. 2. The sea sand used to generate Palm Jumeirah is more eco sustainable and more seismically steady than wasteland sand. * The island crushed stone underwent a procedure called vibro-compaction to make sure any further settlement should be lower than one inches over the following 50 years. * During a 2 month operation in late june 2006, marine authorities working on behalf of Nakheel relocated you, 869 fish and other varieties of marine life in one area of Palm Jumeirah construction site to spread out waters near by. В

The Crescent:

* The Crescent encompases the island and acts a breakwater; it can able to withstand a some metre say. * In its deepest, the breakwater stands in 11 metres (35 feet) from the ocean and rises to 4 metres (13 feet) above marine level for low wave. В * Engineers placed openings about either part of The Crescent, allowing the seawater being refreshed every 14 days to be able to prevent the normal water trapped in the island fronds from turning into brackish. 5. With The New-moon securely in position, 5 , 000, 000 cubic metres (173 , 000, 000 cubic feet) of rock were located to...

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