Sustainable up and down cities

 Sustainable up and down cities Essay


OBJECTIVE: To research the options, advantages and disadvantages an excellent source of rise top to bottom cities. SUBJECTIVE: Today's modern day city works like a computer system motherboard, all things big and small are interconnected with each other. If 1 component does not respond or if the interconnection between the two breaks, the other connected components suffers the wait and decrease of information. In the same way, in metropolitan context if a component like a power place, water train station fails or maybe a simple point like a traffic congestion occurs, this causes reduction and wait. The solution should be to create such a space that is certainly self sufficient, lasting and doesn't depend on additional components because of its proper functioning. The theory is to develop a module that could act as a micro city and combine all the fundamental needs with the modern society. These micro urban centers will be self sufficient and them be clustered together in a form of excessive rise up and down city. Keywords: Vertical city, motherboard, environmentally friendly, self sufficient, micro cities, module, interconnected.

The requirement of a Straight City: There have just lately emerged a number of urban concerns in significant cities developed in the past, as soaring land prices, traffic congestion, low night time population, atmosphere and water pollution, overexploitation of natural resources, and many others. This kind of now demands a new concept on metropolitan planning, or a vision over a future metropolis. I believe why these problems of urban town can be eradicated by building self sufficient high surge vertical cities. Experts predict that planet's urban human population will double by 2050 – which means we are adding the equivalent of seven New York cities to the globe every year. The Indian sub continent residences a populace of 1. 21 billion; 17. 5% in the total world population (Source: Wikipedia)1. The figures are astonishing and overpopulation is causing a major problem of not enough land and other resources. Looking at the present situation if something happens to be not completed...

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