Documentation Criteria Version two

 Documentation Criteria Version 2 Essay

п»ї1. Chapter 1

1 ) 1 . History of the Study

Contains the introductory of the system, it usually starts by identifying what is the analysis or the program all about, the purpose or function and its particular application towards the society or entity that implements the device. Background of the study basically discusses a brief description showing how a current organization system functions, how the info flow inside the system and who utilize it. (3 sentences, 5 phrases each) 1 ) 2 . Current State of Technology

Discuss how the complete system runs, starting from initial transaction up to generation of reports. (3 paragraphs (minimum), 5 phrases each)

1 ) 3. Statement of the Complications

1 . several. 1 . Basic Problem

Establish system's injury in a general type. General is actually based from the result of interview and analysis being done. Warrant why it really is manual, exactly what are the root reason for a problem; it should defines the overall cause of problem. Avoid talking about the word manual here. 1 ) 3. 2 . Specific Difficulty

Define specific/supporting details or justification about the general difficulty, what causes orders or functions make it vulnerable to info security, ethics and consistency. Avoid bringing up the concept of the time consuming, there are many transaction/s that takes time ahead of it succeeded, there are also unaccomplished task due to a lack of info or files needed for a given transaction and users/clients/applicants/customer within the problem, therefore , problem ought to be on the program itself. Certain Problem you

Specific Trouble 2

Particular Problem a few

Specific Issue 4

Certain Problem a few

1 . 4. Statement of Objectives

1 ) 4. 1 . General Objective

Aims to give solution to the stated basic problem, that usually starts by saying " The task aims to ….. ” or " The research aims to give ….. ” or " The supporters aims to …. ” 1 . 4. 2 . Specific Objectives

Like specific problem, specific objectives present supporting information on how the general objective will certainly achieve and what will end up being the...

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