Expansion in Work Environment

 Development in Work Environment Dissertation

DRAFT Model Assignment

Issued April 2010

OCR Level 3 Main Learning in Society, Health and Development

Product F952: Personal and professional development inside the work environment

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The OCR management codes linked to this device are: •Unit entry codeF952

•Certification codeH844

The QCA accreditation quantities associated with this kind of unit happen to be: •Unit accreditation numberT/501/5243

•Qualification accreditation quantity (QAN)500/4018/2

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This model assignment has been developed by OCR as part of a QCDA funded project and has been reviewed by practitioners, representatives of sector and awarding organisations and QCDA.


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Style Assignment: Novice Information

OCR Level a few Principal Learning in Contemporary society, Health and Creation

Unit F952: Personal and professional creation in the work environment

Model Assignment brief to get the learner: Exploring personal and professional development Circumstance


As being a Level a few Society, Health and Development novice you will be being presented the opportunity to gain a more deeply understanding of your very own and specialist development in the workplace. Your work in this assignment should be to focus on a sector and job part of particular interest to yourself. Based on your position experience you can find out about key legislation, policies and procedures that shape and govern professional practice, actions and actions within the chosen workplace. You can expect to develop an awareness of the work environment and the meaning of data based and reflective practice. You will create a personal development cover yourself and may generate tips and explore possibilities to deal with problems or issues at work.

Read through all of the additional information and tasks cautiously, so that you really know what you will need to carry out to finish this project.


Task 1: Checking out the workplace

Analysis criteria 1 ) 1, 1 . 2, 1 . 3, 2 . 1, installment payments on your 2 and 2 . several

Your job is to:

Choose a sector and job part of particular interest to yourself. Identify, while on a placement, about the relevant key legislation, guidelines and procedures that form and control professional practice, activities and actions inside that...

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