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full title · Animal Farm: A Fairy Account

author · George Orwell (pseudonym of Eric Arthur Blair)

form of work · Novella

genre · Dystopian animal fairy tale; satire; whodunit; political roman � sens (French to get " new with a key”—a thinly veiled exposé of factual people or events)

terminology · The english language

time and place written · 1943–1944, in London

date of first newsletter · 1946

publisher · Harcourt Brace & Company

narrator · Animal Plantation is the just work simply by Orwell where the author does not appear plainly as a narrator or significant character; it is the least overloaded personal of most of his writings. The anonymous narrator of the account is almost a non-entity, notable for not any individual idiosyncrasies or biases.

viewpoint · The storyplot is told from the point of view with the common animals of Creature Farm, even though it identifies them in the third person plural as " that they. ”

tone · For the most part, the tone with the novel can be objective, proclaiming external information and rarely digressing in to philosophical meditations. The mixture of this tone with the outrageous trajectory from the plot, nevertheless , steeps the story in an ever-mounting irony.

tense · Past

setting (time) · As is the case with many fables, Dog Farm is placed in an unspecified time period and is largely clear of historical references that would allow the reader currently the actions precisely. It is fair to assume, nevertheless , that Orwell means the fable being contemporaneous together with the object of its satire, the Russian Revolution (1917–1945). It is important to consider that this period represented the recent previous and present at the time of producing and that Orwell understands the importance of the story's action being immediate and ongoing rather than historical.

setting (place) · A great imaginary plantation in England

protagonist · There is no clear central character inside the novel, but Napoleon, the dictatorial this halloween, is the physique who drives and ties together almost all of the action....

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