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п»їCase Study Analysis: В ZipcarВ

1 Primary PlayersВ


Who: Zipcar

What: Does the rush of media coverage prove to be an excessive amount of a burden and have an impact on Guari Nanda's options for placing Clocky prior to being made and brought to market? Exactly where: BostonВ

When ever: 2000В

Key PlayersВ

Robin Chase


Antje DanielsonВ

Angel Buyer В


Ford Motor Company



Glenn UrbanВ

Competitors; Switzerland Mobility CarSharing, Drive Stadtauto, CommunAuto, Car-Sharing Inc., Flexcar Dan Holland-One Liberty Endeavors

Paul Covell

2 Major Problems & IssuesВ

While pursuing her masters in Massachusetts Start of Technology (M. I. T. ), Gauri Nanda designed and created a great alarm clock (prototype) for people who experienced difficulty escaping . bed each day. Unlike traditional alarm clocks, Clocky could jump off a nightstand and rotate around the room, forcing keepers to get out of bed to turn off the burglar alarm, which would help the owner wake up. Clocky had a laptop chip inside of it that causes that to go in different direction just about every morning in order to avoid the owner coming from becoming immune to design recognition. Unfortunately, the designed generated a great deal media attention at a time that Nanda has not been fully well prepared for and was still with regards to a year from having the capacity to introduce Clocky as it should be on the open market. Potential consumers demonstrated a very strong interest in the merchandise, which was at least a year away to get consumers to buy. Consequently, this provided a few challenges from sectors just like manufacturing, distribution, and intellectual property issues. Nanda might also have to choose to best leverage the general public relation received from the press attention to market Clocky and whether to partner with a large retailer like Wal-Mart or perhaps Bet Purchase. Nanda likewise had to consider co-branding options with a item outfit, such as iRobot that could help with the distribution with the product, nevertheless that...

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