Was the Municipal War Inescapable?

 Was the City War Inescapable? Essay

Sandra Stokes

American Record

Dr . Zaccarini


Civil War

The civil conflict was the one and only war People in america had with themselves. As opposed to the other wars, in which America battled for their countries freedom or to assist additional countries in need, the civil war was People in the usa against People in the usa; North against South. Eventhough, the detrimental war was an all American war, either side had a purpose, and an objective of why they fought in this war. Now, hundreds of years later, we come face to face with the question " Was the Civil War Unavoidable? ". Let me go through the reasons of why the civil war began and it will always be answered since it is read.

We can start from the beginning, when American first did start to come together. The people of New Great britain, left Britain mainly for faith based reasons. The folks were referred to as Puritans. The Puritan were very well-informed and they primarily based their techniques for living by their religious philosophy. The Puritans felt the only method they may protect their very own congregation was going to move to America ( Faragher 41). When the Puritans showed up to America, they had to master to plantation, fish, and build their own homes (Faragher 42). However, The Va Ordinance was very different from New Great britain altogether. The folks that came coming from England to Virginia, reached Virginia for wealth. The aim of these people would have been to find rare metal and other issues that would take them wealth. They came with mostly men and indentured maids. Indenture servants work their debt away by doing work in the tobacco field. Because of such severe treatment and hard labor, many indentured servants tried to escape, taking risk of being caught and having their very own serving period doubled ( Faragher 40). Because more indentured servant were possibly freed from their or steered clear of, this introduced the use of slaves. They now used slaves that they purchased, to complete what the indentured servants were doing. The slaves had been different from indentured servants, since they were held and they cannot be free. The labor from...

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