Transitions Dissertation


Transitions serve as a bridge among ideas. They give connections between words, phrases, and paragraphs. There are many examples of transitions inside your textbook. As well, notice just how professional freelance writers use them to further improve their design and to add emphasis. Below are a few examples of changes (some of the words/phrases could possibly be placed in more than one category). Help to increase these lists as you think about other changes. To give examples

for example , as an example, to demonstrate,

in particular, particularly, to be specific,

while proof

To include information

and, and then, likewise, in addition ,

moreover, furthermore, besides, too,

plus, additionally , once again, another

To point time

simultaneously, now, today, up

to now, at present, at present, today, so

much, from then on, till then, in the

past, later on, formerly, afterwards, later

in, next, another day, before, initially,

meanwhile, to begin with, thus far,

then simply, after, soon after, earlier, at the

outset, right away, soon, in a few

(minutes, hours, days, etc . ), slowly but surely,

previously, first/second/third, etc .

To compare

in the same way, likewise, much like, just as, in

the same way, in comparison

To compare or

agree a point

otherwise, in contrast, one the other side of the coin

hand, instead, still, while, despite

this kind of, but , nevertheless , just the same,

on the other hand, on the contrary, regardless

of, yet, granted that, even though,

even though, though

To sum up, restate,

make clear, or present

cause and effect

in summary, to conclude, to sum up,

in summary, in summary, in brief,

truly, in other words, therefore, so , therefore,

accordingly, plainly, in short,

therefore, therefore , because of this,

obviously, as a result, that is, in

effect, put simply, stated quickly, of

training course, in a way, last but not least, finally,

mainly because, since, consequently, in closing, to

reiterate, to repeat, while has been stated

To emphasize

foremost, most important, especially,

indeed, in fact , truly,...

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