The Extent to Which Families in My Village Prepare Their Children for Motherhood

 The Level to Which Family members in My Village Prepare Their very own Offspring for Parenthood Composition

1 ) What is your gender? В



installment payments on your What is your child-rearing style? В

* Authoritarian Parenting

*Authoritative Parenting

*Uninvolved Parenting

several. What type of relatives do you have?


*Single ParentВ

*Extended family members

4. Exactly what the jobs that you give your child to complete? (tick even more that ones if needed) *Cleaning

*Washing DishВ


5. Exactly what are the age you believe a child must start cook? В



*16 and over

6. How can you disciple you child or children? В

*Time away


5. NoneВ

six. What ethical values you believe is most necessary for a child? *Loyalty.. ObedienceВ

*Helpful... TruthwortyВ

*Brave... FriendlyВ

almost 8. What are conserving methods you should try along child? В

*Match Personal savings

*Open a savings accountВ

*Piggy Lender


9. What are the main talks while parent you should give to your child? *Alcohol and DrugsВ

*Sexually Transmitted Illnesses


twelve. What type of actions В would you involve you child in for disciple and team work? *FootballВ



*None of the aboveВ

11. Exactly what some abilities a child ought to step in getting independent? *Problem solving

*Decision makingВ

*None of the over

12. Do you really spent quality time with you kid? В




13. Precisely what are ways of producing your child have got self confidence? В *Improving yourself esteem

*Be a positive mirrorВ

*encourage your kids to express certainly not stuff their very own feels

*None of the aboveВ

14. How would you deal with disrespect?


*Correct itВ

*Understand It

15. Do you consider religion is important for your child?



16. How do you train your child socialization?

* " Manners" & positive interaction with othersВ

*Provide kids with in order to play with peers

*Talk with children about social human relationships and ideals

17. Do you really believe setting goals are very important?

* YesВ

*Does matter

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