The Fantastic Age of Athens

 The Golden Age of Athens Essay

The Golden age of Athens

Fifth-century Athens refers to the Ancient greek language city-state of Athens in the period of roughly 480 BC-404 BC. This was a period of time of Athenian political hegemony, monetary growth and cultural growing formerly known as the Golden Age of Athens or The Associated with Pericles.  The period started in 480 BC when an Athenian-led parti of city-states, known as the Delian League, defeated the Persians at Salamis. Since the 6th century dressed in on, what started since an connections of independent city-states gradually became a great Athenian disposition. Eventually, Athens abandoned the pretense of parity among its allies and moved the Delian League treasury from Delos to Athens, exactly where it financed the building of the AthenianAcropolis. With its enemies under its ft and its personal fortunes well guided by statesman and orator Pericles, Athens made some of the most influential and everlasting cultural artifacts of the American tradition. The playwrights Aeschylus,  Sophocles and Euripides all lived and worked in fifth century Athens, while did the historians Herodotus and Thucydides, the physician Hippocrates, plus the philosopher Socrates.


During the fantastic age, Athenian military and external affairs were mainly run by the ten strategoi (or generals) who were selected each year by ten races of residents, and whose supreme command word was rotated daily. These strategoi had duties which included planning armed forces expeditions, obtaining envoys of other states and directing diplomatic affairs. During the ascendancy of Ephialtes as innovator of the democratic faction,  Pericles was his mouthpiece. When Ephialtes was assassinated by personal enemies, Pericles stepped in and was elected strategos in 445 BCE, a post this individual held consistently until his death in 429 BCE, always by election from the Athenian Assembly.

Pericles was obviously a great speaker; this quality helped bring him great success in the Assembly, presenting his perspective of governmental policies. One of his most popular reforms was to allow thetes(Athenians without wealth) to occupy community office. Another success of his government was the creation of the misthophoria (μισθοφορία, which literally means paid function), a unique salary intended for the people that joined the courts as jurors. This way, these kinds of citizens were able to dedicate themselves to public service devoid of facing economical hardship. With this system, Pericles succeeded in keeping the process of law full of jurors (Ath. Pol. 27. 3), and in giving the people experience in public existence. As Athens' ruler, he made the city the first and the most important polis of the Greek universe, acquiring a resplendent traditions and democratic institutions.

The sovereign persons governed themselves, without intermediaries, deciding concerns of point out in the Set up. Athenian people were cost-free and only payable obedience with their laws and respect to their gods. They will achieved equality of speech in the Assembly:  the word of a poor person got the same worth as regarding a rich person. The censorial classes did not fade away, but their electrical power was more limited; they shared the fiscal and military office buildings but they would not have the benefits of distributing liberties.

The rule of equal rights granted for all citizens experienced dangers, since many citizens had been incapable of working out political rights due to their intense poverty or ignorance. To stop this, Athenian democracy utilized itself towards the task of helping the poorest this way:

▪ Donation of incomes to general public functionaries.

▪ To seek and provide work for the poor.

▪ To offer lands to dispossessed villagers.

▪ Public assistance to get invalids, orphans and indigents.

▪ Various other social support.

Most importantly, and in order to emphasize the idea of equality and discourage data corruption and pilier, practically all public offices that would not require a particular expertise had been appointed by lot rather than by political election. Among these selected by lot to a political human body, specific business office was often rotated to ensure that every single...

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