Special Obama

 Dear Obama Essay

Dear Obama,

I'm Jane Doe. I i am an 11th grade scholar from Knoxville, Tennessee. Do not let my grow older fool you. I are well aware with the atrocities going on within our govt. I i am writing this letter for you, because Excellent few issues with our federal government today. I am interested in the start of the war in Syria, the possible cancellation of Social Security bank checks, and the eavesdropping on each of our personal conversation devices.

First off is a war in Syria. Most likely know, it can be being named the next Globe War. Simply 9 percent of Americans basically support the war in Syria, and this must let you know something. We do not think action needs to be used; we do not need action to be taken. Our allies, the UK, features rejected the attack, and said they will not even reconsider it. The only purpose for starting this kind of war is within retaliation for President Bashar al-Assad's thought use of chemical substance weapons against civilians. Bombing Syria, is not going to save the civilians. You can expect to just be taking more civilian's lives in the task. You cannot help to make peace within a country by starting a war against them.

Secondly, is definitely the possible cancellation of Social Security bank checks? There is a potential collision program over the federal government budget. The potential of a government shutdown is closer than it has been in years. Relating to what you said in a press conference, in case the government shuts, " " People do not get their Social Security inspections. " Some individuals depend on all those checks to live. I, for instance , am supposed to receive my own social reliability checks in the 18th birthday, and if I do not acquire them I will have an extremely hard time relocating on my own, and becoming independent. For me, something should be put in place, in case such a thing does happen.

Previous, but not least, is the eavesdropping on our personal conversation devices. The Fisa Rules ensures that the US Government needs a justify to listen in on each of our calls and read each of our emails. This means that they have to...

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