Sounds and Imagery of Human Emotion

 Sounds and Imagery of Human Feeling Essay

Noises and Images of Human Emotion

In Marge Piercy's " The Secretary Chant”, the author uses images and sound to both equally dehumanize and mechanize women speaker, whilst John Updike uses images and sounds to make the " Player Piano” come to life. Piercy uses photos of the loudspeaker, connected with numerous office gear to give a vision towards the reader of your woman living her lifestyle through the office equipment that may be part of her very being. Piercy uses personification in reverse and other metaphors, such as metonymy, and paradoxon, to give a proper picture with the office equipment actually carrying out their functions. And also through the operation with the office gear attached to the speaker displaying only purpose in life. Noises are important in " The Secretary Roulade as onomatopoeia, alliteration, and the descriptions that show the speaker little by little progressively more mechanized till filed away for another working day. Updike as well uses representation to make the " Player Piano” come alive. Through rhyme, alliteration, consonance, cacophony, diction, and meter the poem sounds like music. The photographs that the audio brings out when the composition is browse out loud, is definitely melodic. The peerlessly played " Payer Piano” only works in the constraints of the human-made machine. John Updike's poem, " Player Piano” and Marge Piercy's " The Secretary Chant " convey through sound and symbolism the personification and dehumanization of mechanical speakers, with Updike doing a better job by saying people are critical because of feeling.

The title of Piercy's " The Secretary Chant” provides good indication from the list of statements that start with: " My hips certainly are a desk. / From my own ears hang / organizations of paper clips” (lines 1-3), metaphors that make the reader visualize which the speaker is only a place in which office equipment connect together to form her purpose on the firm, because an object to do tasks. The first 6 lines, along with, lines eight through 13 vividly explain in...

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