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 Digging Examination Essay

" Digging” Examination

In many family members, fathers are proud of receiving comments regarding their sons including " He's a chip off the ol' block” or perhaps " like father just like son, ” often exalting the sons who have adopted in their fathers' vocational actions. In " Digging, ” by Seamus Heaney, the speaker explains the superior potato farming tradition that his dad and grandpa partake in, even though the speaker him self observes by using a window buffer. Seamus Heaney, through his use of imagery, repetition, and extended metaphors, reveals his feelings in straying faraway from Irish tradition to follow his own path in writing.

In his poem, Heaney utilizes imagery to increase emphasize the speaker's actions in choosing a different work than spud farming. The speaker begins at a windowsill, with a " squat pen” relaxing " because snug like a gun” in the hand. Heaney's description connotes a sense of protection, almost as if the narrator sees himself as an old wilderness-survival fan, sitting for the porch which has a gun to defend his house from federal government officials, but in " Looking, ” the speaker defends his decision in jobs. Later on in the poem, the speaker identifies the actions of a potato harvester, who also must endure the " cold smell of spud mold [and] the squelch and slap of saturated peat. ” Heaney's photos of mildew and soggy mud express the speaker's true sense and tension toward the sickening, low environment by which his daddy and grandpa work.

In the same way, Heaney's repetition further alludes to the speaker's will need and prefer to write. In the first and last stanzas of the composition, the speaker repeats the same sentence: " Between my personal finger and my thumb / The squat coop rests. ” As a kick off point in the composition, the audio directly leaps to his comfort zone—describing his take pleasure in for adding pen to paper, yet as a great ending note, the narrator reemphasizes his possession of not simply the pen, nevertheless of his life alternatives. Also, Heaney often uses the word " digging” as being a separate...

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