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Fundamentals for learner-centered education: a knowledge base. Kenneth T. Henson

Published in the Journal Education. 124. one particular (Fall 2003): 5(12). Downloaded from: Educator's Reference Full. Gale. Daniel Library, The Citadel. twenty-two July 2009

Learner-Centered Education: A Definition *

The Citadel features for its conceptual framework Learner-Centered education. This really is a substance theoretical model which is susceptible to change, and, indeed, will continuously modify as the faculty is constantly on the redefine this term. This statement was the basis to get The Citadel's original concept of learner-centered education.

Learner-Centered Education is identified by McCombs and Whisler (1997, l. 9) since: The perspective that couples a focus on specific learners (their heredity, encounters, perspectives, qualification, talents, passions, capacities, and needs) using a focus on learning (the ideal available understanding of learning and exactly how it happens and about instructing practices that are most effective to promote the highest levels of motivation, learning, and achievements for all learners. ) This dual focus, then, notifies and drives educational decision-making. In this point of view, learner-centered education involves the learner and learning in the programs, policies, and educating that support effective learning for all students. Administrators are in charge of for expanding, maintaining and enhancing a college environment that enhances effective learning. Also, they are responsible for making sure teachers are knowledgeable about all their students regarding how learning occurs ideal. Teachers are in charge of for having sessions that showcase effective learning for all and for being familiar with the academic techniques that promote powerful learning for all. School counselors are concerned with improving the conditions to get learning (parent education, class environment, teacher attitude) and with helping each learner develop to his/her maximum potential. The subsequent five building support these assertions. 1 . Learners have distinctive views or casings of guide, contributed to by their history, the surroundings, their pursuits and desired goals, their morals, their methods of thinking and so on. These has to be attended to and respected if scholars are to be a little more actively active in the learning method and to eventually become self-employed thinkers. installment payments on your Learners have unique variations, including mental states of mind, learning rates, learning styles, periods of expansion, abilities, skills, feelings of efficacy, and also other needs. These must be taken into consideration if every learners in order to learn more properly and efficiently. 3. Learning is a process that occurs ideal when precisely what is being discovered is relevant and meaningful towards the learner and when the learner is positively engaged in creating his or her very own knowledge and understanding by connecting what is being discovered with before knowledge and experience. 5. Learning happens best in a setting that contains positive interpersonal interactions and relationships and in which the learner seems appreciated, acknowledged, respected, and validated. your five. Learning is seen as a fundamentally natural procedure; learners are viewed as naturally curious and basically thinking about learning about and mastering all their world. 2. Taken from The Citadel Undergrad Catalog (2002-2003, p. 207) Central emphasis and understanding emerge from an integrated and holistic examination of a learner-centered way. For educational systems to serve the needs of each and every learner, it is essential that every instructional decision focuses on the individual learner--with an understanding with the learning process. The history of learner-centered education has one foot in philosophy plus the other in psychology. Next is a cursory review of some of the important contributions of educational philosophy to the development of learner-centered education and then a...

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