Riskmanagementguidance Article

Managing Risk Positively

A Guide for Personnel in Health insurance and

Social Treatment

Isle of Wight Authorities

Community Companies and

Isle of Wight NHS

Major Care Trust

Authors: Maurice Dix and Simon Jones

1 Might 2009

Modified 2nd Summer 2009 – 1st September 2010

Up coming Review: very first Sept 2011

Health and Cultural Care companies on the Region of Wight

should work with adults which has a disability and older

individuals to support them to…

encourage their


make use of



their very own views

always be


learn from




develop new



with others

boost their

life probabilities

make their own


modify and increase

in confidence

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be aware of

all their rights and



1 . Plan Statement


2 . Advantages


a few. What is risk?


four. What is ‘managing risk positively'?


a few. Principles of working with risk


6th. Framework pertaining to positive supervision of risk –

identity, assessment & management

of risk and the review of occurrences



1 . Fundamental Principles


2 . Defensible Decisions


3. Professional Competency


4. Legal guidelines and Legal Principles


5. Risk Enablement -panel & Risikomanagement Tool


6. Illustrative case research




The authors recognize the contribution of the independent consultant Sam Morgan and Gateshead Authorities in the articles and structure of this Guidebook. More information about managing risk positively can be found the web site: www.practicebasedevidence.com

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1 .

Coverage Statement

1 ) 1

This Guide has been developed to encourage staff in all of the services to actively check out with service users and their carers the actual benefits of handling risk absolutely.

It aims to promote the effective

id, assessment and management of risk simply by Health and Social Care Support Services which can be supported through policy, techniques and sensible tools. This complements existing clinical and operational risk assessment suggestions that currently exist.

1 . 2

The aims and scope in the Guide are:

Вѓ To provide a coherent multi-agency framework that can establish a constant approach to processes of risk assessment, risk management and risk taking whatever the context and environment of care / support.

Вѓ To promote and support the safety and reliability of users of companies, those who look after them and those who will come into connection with them.

Вѓ To raise knowing of the position of risk assessment / management inside the provision of evidence primarily based care, which can be meaningful towards the individual and supportive to primary carers.

Вѓ To promote, and thereby support specially decision making like a collaborative and empowering procedure, which is totally attentive to the individual's point of view and to the views in the primary carers. Вѓ To allow and support the positive management of risks where this is fully endorsed by the multi-disciplinary team since having confident outcomes.

Вѓ To promote and enhance more secure working environments.

ƒ To provide a shared theoretically sound basis for multi-agency training as well as for the monitoring and auditing of assistance responses. ƒ To promote the adoption by all personnel of ‘defensible decisions' rather than ‘defensive decisions'.

1 . a few

Review of this Guide: The Information will be evaluated annually. The next review will be held at in Sept. 2010 2011.

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The old saying " practically nothing ventured, practically nothing gained” makes the point that unless someone takes a risk and attempts new activities, they will never know of good benefits that might result. Within our society, individuals are encouraged to travel widely, indulge in regular leisure and physical activities, go to school, develop occupations and have households. These are almost all activities that don't only happen, but mean individuals have to take risks to achieve all their aspirations.

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