Journal of kid Abuse & Neglect

 Journal of kid Abuse  Neglect Article

Traditionally, child safeguard has been commonly perceived to become a matter of concern to specialists in specific social service, health, mental health, and justice systems. However , Child Abuse & Neglect: The International Record also welcomes contributors and readers interested in children's protection in the adjustments of everyday life - homes, day care centers, schools, playgrounds, youth clubs, health clinics, places of worship, and so forth. Child Abuse & Neglect also encourages the involvement of different social scientists (e. g., anthropologists, economists, historians, organizers, political scientists, and sociologists) and humanists (e. g., ethicists, legal scholars, personal theorists, and theologians) whose studies may possibly contribute to an awareness of (a) the advancement of concepts of - and techniques for - kid protection and (b) the responsibilities of individual adults plus the institutions of which they are an element to ensure little one's safety and their humane attention.

Limited by neither geography, job, nor placing, the readers of Child Abuse & Neglect have diverse education, experience, interests, and needs for information. Accordingly, the journal attempts the expression of authors' concepts and their scientific findings clearly and cogently, so that articles or blog posts are attainable to a broad audience. The journal as well expects writers to approach problems of kid abuse and neglect with a level of treatment commensurate with the fundamental significance of children's legal rights to the protection of their personal security, the promotion of their sense of dignity, plus the assurance of love and value in the relationships most important to them.

Toward those ends, Child Abuse & Forget invites exploration and discourse on the next topics, and the like:

•the conditions that foster or jeopardize children's protection and sense of personal reliability in their homes and other options of everyday life;

•the conditions that enable or prevent parents', expanded family members',...

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