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__________________________________________________________________________________________ This test assesses your ability to write an essay that expresses the view on a controversial theme. Your dissertation will be examined for its content material, organisation and language: п‚·




- sophistication of ideas (supporting/opposing arguments and rebuttals) - use of information from the studying texts to aid ideas - acknowledgment of source details according to proper conventions Organisation:

- clarity of overall structure

- reasonable development of suggestions


-- accuracy and fluency

- grammar and vocabulary


1 . Browse Texts A to C critically and carefully intended for ideas to compose your dissertation.

2 . Write an academic essay of approximately 500 terms in response to the following question: Do you think the fact that highest reason for university education should be the achievements of personal desired goals rather than the satisfaction of countrywide aims? Support your opinions with suggestions drawn from the reading text messages, your knowledge and your know-how.

3. Recognize ideas/information obtained from the browsing texts. 5. Write your essay in pages several to 11.

5. You is a university or college lecturer.


__________________________________________________________________________________________ TEXTUAL CONTENT A: The greater Purpose

Twenty-eight years ago, the US educator Harlan Cleveland had this to say of the conflicting views of higher education:

" The outsiders want the scholars trained for first job out of university, and the academics within the system need the student well-informed for 50 years of self-fulfillment. The trouble is that the students desire both. The ancient impact between every student‟s initial and long lasting goals, among „training‟ and „education‟, among „vocational‟ and „general‟, among honing your brain and alimental, alimentary, nutrient, nutritious, nutritive the spirit, divides the professional teachers, divides the outdoors critics and supporters, and divides the students, too. ”

We have no opinion on the reason for higher education. This should not end up being surprising. After all, the " collision” of values is definitely " ancient” indeed. Composing in the 16th century, Francis Bacon was adament that know-how should be useful and " not become a courtesan, for pleasure”. More recently, however , Steve Cardinal Newman took the contrary view. " Useful understanding, ” this individual said, is actually a " deal of garbage. ” Opinion on the uses of higher education remains a long way off. Today, most religion-based universities know with certainty why they will exist. Their particular job is always to teach learners the principles that all their religion is convinced to be the foundation good moral character. However , the decline in religion and the wide-spread acceptance of ethical relativism has turned it extremely hard for British secular colleges to provide this prescriptive sort of education. Abandoning their ethical purposes \ universities to fret their utilitarian nature get yourself a degree and get a better job....

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