Poem Evaluation: Young Girls simply by Raymond Souster

 Poem Evaluation: Young Girls simply by Raymond Souster Essay

In Raymond Souster's humorous composition, " Small Girls”, women children are pictured as afraid and cumbersome as they begin to mature into young females. Initially launched as " flowers… whose fragrance hasn't sprung” (line 4), or perhaps women who have yet to blossom and turn into fully produced, the girls' innocence is seen in how they walk simply by some elderly boys. " The young girls pass, two, three, with each other, hand in hand, ” (line 3), the possessing hands representing the fear and discomfort that they experience the moment in the company of people they can't say for sure how to relate with naturally. Likewise, when " they steal glances” (line 10) at the boys, plus the boys whistle, " they stiffen, not so sure what to do or say” (line 13-14). Their very own stiffening provides their dread again, in cases like this because that they don't know the right way to respond and relate to the interest. Finally, in terms of their awkwardness, this originates from the depth of their mental and de las hormonas changes giving them " a delirium that makes them ill by ease” (line 9). This kind of happens when the wind caresses these people, symbolizing romantic touch, suggesting that they cannot control their feelings. Furthermore, " they will lie conscious at night not able to sleep and walk the streets kindled by the strange desires” (line 11), which emphasizes the young girls' inability to interpret what is happening to all of them, and their " subterranean fires” (line 12). Obviously, all their experiences is very unfamiliar, and causes them to be confused and conflicted. Consequently , this composition captures how difficult it truly is for girls to expand up.

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