physical and chemical substance changes

 Essay about physical and chemical adjustments

Challenge #1 — The Penny Problem:

The first concern to total is the Penny Problem. Radio stations station can be giving the winner of the challenge a prize pack that includes tickets to see their favorite group in concert. To begin the challenge, radio stations station has placed cents in a cylindrical glass jar. Each dime is 0. 75 ins in size and 0. 061 ins thick. If the cylindrical glass jar that contains the cents has a diameter of 6 inches and a level of 11. 5 ins, how many pennies can easily fit inside jar? You must show most work to get credit. Thus first I wish to fine what the volume of the jar is indeed I am going to use or

Cubed ins

Now we understand how much space we have inside jar.

Now we have to find the volume of the pennies.

Now you will break down 325 by simply. 33 and that we find that there is also a total of 985 money in the container. Challenge #2 — Tennis Trouble:

Now you must to move onto the second challenge called Tennis Trouble. The other challenge is always to figure out how a large number of tennis tennis balls fit in a specially designed box. The radio stop will give away a award pack and a pair of entrance row seats to the victor of this obstacle! Each tennis games ball is usually 2 . 63 inches in diameter. A sketch from the specially designed textbox is under. How various tennis tennis balls can fit inside the textbox? How more tennis tennis balls could fit into the container if the container's dimensions will be doubled? You have to show most work to get credit.

In order to find the volume of the container we intend to have to use two formulas. The first formula will be so we could find the volume of the cyndrical tube.

Now we have to obtain the volume of the cone

And after doing that I find that

Now every we have to carry out is add the two collectively and we will know the dimensions of the volume of the container.

We've got to find the volume of the tennis games balls. In order to find the volume of the tennis ball we have to discover the area of computer.

After doing that I am going to divide 87. 9...

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