Online Voting Program

 Online Voting System Dissertation

Online Enrollment Program




Mr. Jenmark Calamanan


This is an internet enrolment system to make enrolment easier since, it is easy to use. There is no need for a guideline or perhaps tutorial. This program is accessible.



Study is truly an exhausting, head dring, challenging activity, this kind of study will not be conceivable without the accompanied by a the handful of generous individuals that contributed themselves to make this kind of research feasible. The experts would like to thank of course , god Almighty pertaining to his advice and take pleasure in. The part of their family members for being understanding and encouraging to them especially when it comes to financial support. To their ever-patient adviser in research Mr. Jenmark Calamanan, for his unending support, guidance and motivation to finish this research study and also to his suggestions that helped the researchers go after the study.



Part 1 The situation and its qualifications............................. Chapter 2 Review of Related Literature.................................... Section 3 Methodology................................................... Chapter 4 Presentation of screen photographs.......................................



The process of the enrolling program in some firm is usually manual and most likely your time will certainly waste by waiting and waiting since they don't have any system to easier the enrolling, because, you need to along with line initially to wait your turn to sign-up. In some colleges they have already an internet base enrolling system that I've made. And the process of this program is easy. Internet base registering system is a method that you'll simply put your Student quantity, password, programs that you want to enrol.

Backdrop of the study

Cannabis College or university was established in 29th of February 1960; Crisostomo Ibarra was the president of the university. The Cannabis College is very big plus they can't even handle it when they having an enrolment in school. Since they have no enough funds to buy a contemporary software to manage the entire student when they having an enrolment. Eventually, that they decided to acquire software worth 500, 500. 00 peso and it's referred to as online primarily based enrolling system.

Existing flowchart of manual system(explain)

Ishikawa diagram

Make clear the aspects of the ishikawa diagram(1prgh per element)

Assertion of the Difficulty

The main issue is how to develop the machine for any organization Specific Problem





Objectives from the study

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Conceptual Construction (IPO)

Value of the study

Company Owner

Election Comittee


Future Researchers

Meaning of Terms

Phase 2

Related Studies

2 or 3 literature

Report on the implemented land-based voting system

Section 3

Analysis Methodology

Logical Design(Parang DFD)

Description in the Design

Flowchart of the Design (Proposed Design)

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