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Big t H Electronic B U C L A Ur E H T A C A D Electronic M Con O Farrenheit E C O D O Meters IC S T U D My spouse and i E T Faculty of International Organization and Economics


2012- 2013






Mariana Nicolae,

Ph. D.





2012 – 2013

Subject: Leadership & organisational interaction

Time end: 14 classes (28 hours) + 7 seminars (14 hours) Volume of academic credits:

Course innovator: Professor Mariana NICOLAE, Ph level. D., Lecturer Maia DДѓrДѓbanЕЈ, Ph. G. 1 . Study course objectives: Report on the most important theories of the intercontinental literature upon leadership & organisations; developing & increasing leadership capabilities; selfdevelopment and inspirational leadership; upgrading efficiency communication skills; the importance of ethics intended for leadership; understanding raising to best practices in managing/leading inter/national organisations; intercultural aspects in today's organisations.

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6 pm to 9


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Course content material

1 . Opening paragraphs. 2 . Command – terminology & methods; field explanation; Leadership through history; three or more. Organizational theory and its importance for a built-in business environment. Power, influence and group effectiveness; 5. -5 Ideas on command: trait and fashions theories; contingency and best-fit theories; six. Competences for leaders. Mental intelligence. several. Critical pondering – a leader's primary competence; almost 8. Organizational constructions in the twenty first c. Management in organizations; 9 -- 10 Communication systems in organisations – how leaders use them more effectively; Communication within a crisis – the position of the head. Study Guideline. 11. Frontrunners & Supporters. Followership. Moving leadership & selfdevelopment. 12. Leadership versus management. Business mission and vision – realities & philosophical guidelines. 13. Connecting change in agencies. Loyalty in organizations. The ethical head. 14. Command in a turmoil? Issues of leadership. Course evaluation. Job submission

several. Course requirements and last grading:


final individual examination: fifty percent


training course participation and activity: a few 0% (out of which 40% will be to your seminar presentations)

4. Bibliography:

A. Notes from a class.

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