Niarj Shah

 Niarj Shah Essay

Traffic jam is actually a long distinctive line of vehicles in which many automobiles get caught up in jam. It is one of the major problems of city lifestyle. It takes place in big cities and towns.  ●   A paragraph about ‘Traffic Jam'.

(a)В В В Precisely what is traffic jam?

(b)В В В Where will it occur?

(c) В В What are the causes of traffic jam?

(d)В В В What are the sufferings of traffic jam?

(e)В В В How traffic congestion may be taken out? В

Traffic congestion

Traffic jam is a long distinctive line of vehicles by which many cars get caught up in jam. It is one of the main problems of city your life. It arises in big cities and towns. There are numerous causes of traffic jam. The main reason behind traffic jam is the narrowness of roads in proportion to the large numbers of vehicles. Each of our vehicles include increased but our highways have not increased. The amounts of unlicensed automobiles are raising day by day. The drivers possess little understanding of traffic rules. The number of targeted traffic police is definitely insufficient. Auto parking here and there and overtaking inclination are also the reason for occurring traffic jam. It gives great struggling to us. It gets rid of our useful time. We could not reach school, college, office and hospital over time. Sometimes mat and fireplace brigade are unable to go hurry up due to traffic jam. However , this issue should be fixed. The number of streets should be improved. Sufficient targeted traffic police should be posted in important places. Traffic guidelines should also end up being imposed with an flat iron hand. Unlicensed vehicles should be removed. Individuals have to be conscious about traffic rules and regulations.

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