Moral Relativism in the Dark Knight

 Moral Relativism in the Dark Dark night Essay

Moral Realism sixth is v. Moral Relativism

In the movie The Darker Knight, Batman is confronted with a new challenge—dealing with the Joker. Batman, plus the city of Gotham, views the Joker being a mysterious, sadistic criminal who will be a freak of nature. However , the task becomes incredibly personal intended for Batman while the Joker confronts Batman about anything he believes in. The Joker does this as they has a extremely relativistic take on life. Despite the fact that he murders innocent persons, tortures other folks for amusement, and manipulates everyone this individual meets, he does not watch his activities as incorrect. In fact , he does not actually believe in an absolute right. This individual believes that everyone else is definitely crazy for convinced that there is a right and wrong that all persons should comply with, and this individual believes that he is the sane one. He thinks that he is one particular step prior to everyone in the world because he will not play by universe's guidelines; he produces his own. He would not believe that people have the right to judge him given that they do not stay true their morals. He knows that the " civilized” people of Gotham will certainly ignore their particular laws and ideas the moment something comes up that they usually do not agree with or when something causes trouble. For the Joker, this individual does not need to stress about that. This individual does what he wants because it is right for him—the persons of Gotham will ultimately crash and burn mainly because they cannot choose a moral to commit to. Mainly because they live by the universe's rules, they are going to never live a sensible life.

The Joker was right about one thing throughout the movie: People often find themselves frequently changing their very own morals for what is right and wrong. They cannot seem to agree on the same thing inside their society. The reason is , some people stick to the rules that society explains to them to stick to, and others do something that will advantage themselves irrespective of what culture says, such as the Joker. Since some people are not able to explain why they should do something, many start doing things that will influence them in person. C. T Lewis mentions...

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