Mesopotamia Article



Sumerians trained young boys in fine art. The students were mostly daughters from upper-class families – sons of priests, serenidad and palace officials, army officers, marine captains and scribes. Young ladies and those who also can't afford the fees were not enrolled. They used clay-based tablets to write and practice their cuneiform writing. Clay-based tablets started to be their literature.

People who learned the art were assigned to work as scribes in the wats or temples, courts, or as stores. RELIGION

Sumerians worshipped the elements of nature like the blowing wind and water. They believed that they had been created by their gods to get servants. They must worship, pray and offer sacrifice to their gods and goddesses. Temples and shrines pertaining to offertory where built for faith based activities. They will offered food, wine, milk, and various meats.

They may have festivities just like special feasts during fresh moon, seventh, 5th and last day of the month. The most important time for them is the New Year. Praying and rituals were created in clay tablets.

Displeasing the gods and goddesses may cause floods, absences and sandstorms. They believe the dead navigate to the underworld.


Apsû (Abzu) – terrain in southeast Africa the place that the first human beings were produced.

An – god of heavens/sky

Ki – empress of the The planet

Enlil – leader goodness of Sumerian Pantheon

Nanna – boy of Enlil and Ninlil; god of the parish lantern

Inanna- daughter of Nanna and Ningal; goddess of war and fertility

Utu – kid of Nanna and Ningal; god with the sun

50 " superb gods" or Annunaki


Set of herders and cows in Innana's areas. (University of Pennsylvania)



Fermete head of Sharru-Kin (Sargon) from Nineveh – hairpiece helmet of rulers Sargon united the Sumerian claims.

Gold brain of a half truths as a decor of the harp (University Museum, Philadelphia)

Statues made of limestones, shells and gypsum in Temple of Abu.

Ziggurat of Ur

Ziggurat means high. Priests climbed this to praise...

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