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My Motion picture Prozac Nation is based on the book authored by Elizabeth Wurtzel and her struggles with depression and drug craving. Her book Prozac Region was crafted during her time at Harvard College or university while she studied writing. During this time Wurtzel writes regarding her challenges with as being a student, severe depression and drug habits. During Wurtzel's academic job at Harvard she received The Rolling Stones College Journalism Award. Though Wurtzel had trouble with many demons she was able to graduate from Harvard University then go onto to Yale University or college and obtain her Rules degree (Hodd). The movie Prozac Nation, described by Erik Skjoldbjærg is founded on the true history of At the Wurtzel and her struggles with major depression during her first 12 months at Harvard University. Once Lizzie occurs to college the girl and her roommate begin the hard partying and the luxury of drugs and alcohol which only leads to her volitile manner of extreme depression. Lizzie's excessive self-medication of unlawful drugs and alcohol play a role in her violent outburst and alienation her from her friends; which will evidently countries her inside the hospital. After her visit to the hospital, Lizzie begins to visit a therapist who also starts to support her cope with everyday life. After a breakup with her man, Lizzie begins to not be able to deal with her thoughts once again and her doctor then prescribes her to get started on taking Prozac. Lizzie refers to her doctor as her drug supplier and the chemist as her crack residence, and that she's in the " United States of Depression” in the " Prozac Nation”. Although the prescription Prozac has helped Lizzie cope with everyday life, the lady notices that she is dropping herself. At the end of the movie, Lizzie says that the medications and therapy sessions are part of a slow restoration process to get herself-back together. (Prozac Nation) Inside the Movie Prozac Nation we see a girl who struggles with being able to take care of her personal feelings leading her to self-prescribing prescription drugs like alcohol, marijuana and cocaine to handle her very own feelings (Prozac Nation). In the current society many people are looking for the miracle drug that will help them handle everyday life or doctors are freely prescribing pharmaceutical medicines to people who simply need to discover how to cope with everyday activities. They do not endure debilitating depression or excessive compulsive disorder, they endure what is referred to as life. " Nearly 19 Million medications of Prozac were drafted in 95, alone” (Antidepressant Drugs). My research focused on the more than prescribing of anti-depressants and just how this affects people in society. There are plenty of reasons that contribute to the above prescribing of anti-depressant medicines. We live in such an increased paced environment where many people have troubles dealing with real world situations leading to them to consider miracle treatments opposed to finding alternative approaches to handle the struggles life hands all of us. The search for a " miraculous cure”, expense, pharmaceutical affect and physician's eagerness to presrcibe most contribute to the consuming too much of antidepressant drugs. At first of the Film Prozac Country, we see " Lizzie” self-medicating with cannabis, cocaine and alcohol to be able to cope with the pressure penalized a student in an Ivy Group college (Prozac Nation). Though Lizzie is usually self-medicating with illegal prescription drugs this nonetheless ties in to the idea that folks are turning to substances in order to handle life's demanding situations. Various people out there do search out that miracle pill that can resolve everything. In the article " " Prozac:  Are Medicines treating mental illness being used too openly? " we read about Rita, a patient that was approved Prozac to aid her handle " a lot of external blows”. Rita admits never to being depressed but not quite sure how Prozac has damaged her since " I always have been in a position to cope in a crisis, nevertheless I feel nice, very pleasant, and items do not take the time me as well much” (Cooper). This...

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Prozac Nation. Representative Erik Skjoldbjærg. Perf. Christina Ricci, Jessica Lange, Jason Biggs

Miramax Films, 2001

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