Health Care Financing

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Healthcare Financing


Health Care loans has been a serious problem in the U . s since the 1950's and today it really is even more of a serious issue, with the millions without insurance and health care costs going up the United States health care industry is trouble. Economic hard times have affected Medicare insurance and Medicaid and it includes resulted in various cuts. Exclusive insurance companies include raised prices and companies have had to move the cost onto employees by raising premiums. Health care is usually on the rise for the reason that more and more people are becoming older and therefore are needing a lot more medical procedures and physician trips. Technological advancements are also a reason for increasing health care. Lots of things affect medical and that is why it is so expensive. All these issues will be addressed in this paper.

Statement of Topic

Medical care financing can be described as big issue in america since the 1950's and even at this point. Millions of American's are devoid of health insurance and health care costs are recorded the rise due to technology and the lots of people who happen to be uninsured. In this paper a quick view of why costs are on the rise as well as the effect that it will have on the American public in the years into the future.

Rational of Topic

Medical care financing can be described as big issue for the millions of Americans without insurance and with the new Health Care Reform Bill becoming front and center; so many people are focusing on for what reason it is so important for American's to have insurance. The reason this matter was chosen was to give some understanding on for what reason health care costs have gone up since the 1960's. The info used in this paper aid to clarify the several points addressed in this daily news. They were chosen to explain the problems with medical spending and show so why they are going up and why it is so important that this country demands universal medical coverage without them it would have already been hard to fully explain the reason behind why medical care expenditures are incredibly high and what we can do about it as Americans. Literature Overview of Topic

Health care is an important issue to every person because sooner or later in our lives we have to put it to use whether it be to visit a doctor, possess a clinic stay, purchase prescription drugs and have a procedure completed we all require health insurance. A large number of American's perhaps have been hit by the recent economic climate and are unable insurance or have lost all their jobs and along with that their insurance. Facing the care problems in this nation is front and middle. The main goal in this paper is to teach you that healthcare costs are recorded the go up and that just about every American needs to be covered and how we like a society can help lower the costs of medical. It is estimated that two-trillion dollars is spent on medical in the United States; that is certainly more than any other country on the globe, according to the Corporation for Economical Cooperation and Development (OECD). " America spends two-and-a half instances more than the OECD average, and yet it positions with Poultry and South america as the sole OECD countries without widespread health care protection. ” ( Johnson, 2010). " Last year health care spending reached an all-time substantial by spending 17 percent of the gross home-based product plus the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Business office (CBO) estimates that number will raise to 25 percent simply by 2025 without changes to federal government law. ” ( Johnson, 2010. P. 1). With the incline of healthcare costs rising many employers had to stop providing their employees' health insurance insurance coverage. " In respect to a November 2008 Kaiser Foundation record access to employer-sponsored health strategies is for the decline between low cash flow workers, and health premiums for employees has increased to 114 percent in the last decade. ” ( Johnson 2010. P. 1). Employers medical care costs has risen six. 3 percent in 2009 compared with 4. eight percent in overall U. S. health spending that year according to a March 2010 survey by Thomson Reuters, a company intelligence support. (Cited Meeks,...

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