Management of a Pressure Sore

 Management of the Pressure Sore Essay

Case study; Management of any Pressure Sore

This article analyses the assessment tools used and care directed at a patient having a grade a couple of pressure ulcer on the reduced part of the sacrum, and at potential risk of even more skin breakdown. The dissertation begins with an overview of what pressure ulcers happen to be and the prevalence and occurrence of pressure ulcers. The paper goes on to evaluate the evaluation tools employed and the treatment plan that was executed for the sufferer, the dissertation then covers the impact in the pressure ulcer on the patient and his better half and proves with a reflection on the quality and dependability of the assessment tools used. The name of the sufferer has been converted to maintain privacy. Pressure ulcers also known as debucutis ulcers, are an area of local injury to the skin and fundamental tissue, they are really caused if the affected area of skin is placed under an excessive amount of pressure, shear or friction or a mixture of these. (Wright et 's 2007). When ever sustained pressure is placed over a particular section of the body the blood supply to that particular part of the body is interrupted. Blood vessels contains o2 and other nutrition that are important to help keep muscle healthy and without a constant blood supply, tissue damage takes place and the muscle will eventually die. Having less blood supply means that the skin will no longer receives infection-fighting white bloodstream cells resulting in the development of a pressure ulcer. Pressure ulcers can range in severity via areas of discoloured skin to open wounds that expose the underlying cuboid or muscle mass. Pressure ulcers are a problem in health care systems, that they cause pain and suffering and can lead to contamination, and if certainly not prevented or managed properly can result in fatality. (Nazarko 2005). The presence of a pressure ulcer creates a volume of significant difficulties, psychologically, actually and clinically, to people, carers and their families, they are a wide-spread and often beneath -estimated health issue in the UK. (RCN, 2005). Current research suggests that prevalence rates in the UK happen to be between a few. 1 percent and 32. 1% across a range of care settings. It is estimated that approximately half a million people in the UK will develop a brand new pressure ulcer in any presented year. Normally, this is people with an underlying health condition. One of the most consistently connected factors adding to pressure ulcer development consist of inactivity, restricted mobility, physical impairment, incontinence and health status. (Russell 2000). The groups referred to as most at risk of pressure ulcers include those who are seriously unwell, neurologically sacrificed, have reduced mobility or perhaps who happen to be immobile, sufferers from disadvantaged nutrition, overweight and seniors. (NICE, 2005)

The economical cost towards the NHS is considered to be substantial, new financial estimations put the total cost of pressure ulcer care in the UK among 1999 and 2000 as ВЈ1. 4 to installment payments on your 1 billion (Dougherty ain al 2008).

The causes of pressure ulcers will be split into two groups, intrinsic- that which is at the body and cannot be motivated and extrinsic- that which can be external towards the body and can be influenced. Intrinsic factors consist of; disease, medicine. malnutrition, era, dehydration/fluid status, lack of mobility, incontinence, condition of the skin, weight. Extrinsic causes are; pressure, shearing forces, chaffing, moisture. (Waterlow, 2011)

Mr Elliot is actually a 77 yr old man who may have advanced level Alzheimer's disease and twice incontinence. This individual has a class 2 pressure ulcer in the sacrum. The ulcer is definitely superficial and presents as being a blister, with whitening in the skin, although before it had been red. The region around the wound is reddish and inflammed and the skin area also looks cracked and broken (EPUAP 2009).

Casual and formal assessments had been adopted to fully ascertain Mr Elliot's amount of risk of pressure ulcers. The assessments are integral in planning look after management of his current pressure ulcer and any kind of...

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