Living Iin the City

 Essay in Living Iin the City

Thesis Declaration: Living in metropolis can be stressful due to many reasons.

Surviving in the city numerous of simpleness is what people searched for today. It is the place where everybody can entry to the world easily. All the things can be obtained in the city such as shopping mall, café, hypermarket, store, club and etc. But on the top of that, moving into the city could also be nerve-racking due to a number of reasons. The first explanation is the environment in the city is ‘loud and crowded'. It is not inside the term of voice, nevertheless more for the term with the bustle in the city. Everyday people will be faced with traffic jam early in the morning and traffic jam once again after operate, because most people in the city own a car. The next cause is people in the metropolis is more self-centered or the even more formal term, individualism. In fact, it is not because of the characteristic nevertheless because of the compulsion from the environment. For example people live in region will have even more friendly side of them and tend to help each other however it is uncommon to find people in the town with a friendly face and helping one another. Furthermore, moving into the city could make people choose materialism and hedonism life-style. It is most definitely will happen due to situation in the big metropolis where deluxe things is actually a marker for people social status. In conclusion, living in the city provides lot of advantages as well as disadvantages. It is about every individual to choose how to live their lifestyle; whether they use that disadvantages and turn it into their individual advantages or vice versa.

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