Kony 2012 Interaction Theory Newspaper

 Kony 2012 Communication Theory Paper


COMS 3901


FRI 6TH JULY, 2012

In 2004, Hidden Children, a United States-based non-profit proposal organization, opened by filmmakers Bobby Mcneally, Laren Poole and Jerrika Russell. They adopted the mission of capturing Paul Kony, a great Ugandan warlord who commits war criminal offenses in both northern Uganda and encircling countries because the 1980s when it comes to building his rebel power, the Lord's Resistance Military (LRA). Upon March 5th, 2012, they will released a video titled KONY 2012 which in turn told the storyplot of abducted children in Northern Uganda, forced to become child soldiers and sex slaves and work with the LRA. The advertising campaign is targeted at capturing Joseph Kony by simply " making Kony famous” and that targets celebrities, movie stars, billionaires and politicians to help spread the advertising campaign. They hope to stimulate action that will include Kony imprisoned and prosecuted by the Foreign Criminal Court docket (ICC). The video was substantially shared over Facebook, Facebook, Google In addition, blogs, and also other social networking websites – in other words, it went virus-like. The video has brought approximately 80 million thoughts about YouTube and over 18 million views on Vimeo, both video-sharing websites where users can upload, talk about and view videos, making this initiative one of the effectively allocated advocacy promotions of the previous decade. This kind of essay is going to take a cultural studies method of utilize assumptive perspectives to critically review the text. At the start of the online video, an image of a world can be shown which will connotes the positive effect and how anything is more accessible by everyone all over the world because they can use the web and speak more easily. This kind of connects armed with the idea of McLuhan (1964) as he believed that we reside in a " global village”. There are also several snapshot's in the producer's kid which are obtained from the point of view with the producer and may possibly allow audiences to emotionally add themselves for the video and increase their involvement. The close up shots also can engage all of them into continuous to watch the text. The fact that the could charm to the " global village” could correspond with the growth of electronic mass media and its uses to propagate news virally which can end up being linked back to McLuhan. This kind of video regarding the real existence situation of Kony has many different types of processes to engage the audience such as the voice over as it is sharing with the audience and interacting with the group which is us. This can represent the prominent ideology of man who also lives in a patriarchal society but the voice-over also relates to the idea of Americanisation as the man can be American therefore it also portrays the idea of hegemonic values which is brought forward because America is known as a dominant global supervisor which usually everyone is motivated by so this engages the group to believe in the voice over when he is American. Another way it engages the audience is by showing the audience just how fast social networking sites get news to travel. The KONY 2012 video was originally posted on Facebook and within a few days everyone was referring to it. This kind of created understanding with the viewers as the audience became which information can travel within the matter of times. One key thing that catches the audience's eyesight is the count-down clock which usually shows that something is about to end and something will likely be destroyed at the conclusion of the countdown. This can also be used to participate the people as they need to know what happen towards the end of the online video. They also have game titles in the online video which can be accustomed to catch the audience's interest as the titles are extremely powerful just like, " few things are more powerful than an idea whose time has come”. This makes the audience want to know the actual mean and what the fine detail is. No matter what play on thoughts that campaigns can make, they may use as it often times is going to move individuals to act on all their feelings.  This can be seen in the KONY 2012 video in which many...

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