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" The 22 Immutable Regulations of Marketing"


This can be a summary of suggestions from the book The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing simply by Al Ries and Jack Trout. Text message in typical is my own paraphrasing of what the publication says. Textual content in italic represents my personal comments. And remember: this is simply a short summary and is certainly not meant to change the book, nothing sounds reading genuine. The book is brief, buy and read it. Law 1 (Law of Leadership)

Staying first in the market is better than creating a better merchandise than a competition. Examples: many of us remember who first travelled over Ocean or who had been the initially man around the moon although almost no-one knows who had been the second. Heineken was the 1st imported beer in USA and still is No. 1 imported beer. Same for Callier Lite, first domestic lumination beer. Becoming first does not matter in the event the idea/product is usually not good. I think it's better to say that being first gives one incredibly big advantage more than competition but doesn't guarantee the success. Is actually rather clear that it doesn't matter that you're first to market if no-one needs the product or perhaps if your system is very awful. There are many good examples from computer industry that disapprove this rule (i. e. initial spreadsheet just isn't the dominant spreadsheet, initial word processor chip isn't the dominant word processor) thus there are (many) cases showing that n-th product can overtake early leaders. Although it's very hard and usually requires the leader for making huge faults. Law 2 (Law of Category)

Considering the fact that it's very hard to gain management in a category where competition already exists, it's better to create a product in new category than trying to attack existing classes. Category doesn't always have to be significantly different, electronic. g. in the event that there's dominating player in imported beverage, one can end up being the first to import mild beer. If one can't be the first to soar over Atlantic, one can nevertheless be the first woman to fly above Atlantic. Legislation 3 (Law of Mind)

It's not important to always be the 1st in the market but the first inside the mind of consumers.

Law some (Law of Perception)

Promoting is certainly not about goods (their features or quality) but regarding perceptions (how people see products). Reality doesn't is present, what we call " reality" is really a perception of reality that we create within our minds. Honda is a leading Japanese car company in ALL OF US but simply third in Japan (after Toyota and Nissan). In the event the quality with the car was the most important factor it should have the same position in all of the markets. In Japan, nevertheless , people see Honda like a manufacturer of motorcycles. For that reason what's important is that marketing should be focused on changing the perception. I use mixed emotions about this law. I completely accept the premise (that perceptions is each of our reality). Nevertheless our perception is mostly grounded in target reality. In fact if it's raining not many people will keep up with the perception that it can be wonderfully sunlit day. Consequently one way of changing the understanding is to replace the reality (e. g. increase the quality of your cars). Could be having the ideal reality is not enough to achieve wanted perception although it's hard to argue that you could create virtually any perception you want in spite of reality. If the car breaks down every twelve miles no qualtity of marketing can convince people that it has superior quality. Law 5 (Law of Focus)

" The most strong concept in marketing can be owning a word in the prospect's mind". Owning in this circumstance means that in the event that people notice or observe this expression they usually connect it which has a company that " owns" this term. IBM possesses " computer". FedEx has " overnight". You can't consider somebody else's word We can't help but to feel that this book features overly simplified thinking. Being simple excellent but not if the reality is more complicated. First this kind of law seems to be derived from mega-corporation. The problem is that there usually are that many firms that are just right to own a word in peoples' consciousness. And so the advice is only possibly highly relevant to a few people who also design...

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