Green house Effect Around the world Research Newspaper

 Greenhouse Result Global Warming Research Paper

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SectionВ #1: В

Ladies, В gentlemenВ andВ allВ creaturesВ bigВ andВ smallВ ofВ thisВ planetВ weВ areВ В В

goingВ toВ getВ downВ andВ dirtyВ aboutВ greenhouseВ gases, В globalВ warmingВ andВ В В

savingВ thisВ placeВ whichВ weВ callВ earth. В В It'sВ notВ everydayВ weВ thinkВ aboutВ В В

suchВ things, В butВ maybeВ weВ should. В В WeВ needВ toВ focusВ onВ what'sВ goodВ andВ В

rightВ forВ everyoneВ involvedВ nowВ andВ inВ theВ future. В В

SectionВ #2: В DescriptionВ ofВ theВ GreenhouseВ Effect. В

IfВ itВ wereВ notВ forВ greenhouseВ gases, В theВ EarthВ wouldВ beВ aВ veryВ coldВ place. В В GreenhouseВ gasesВ trapВ heatВ inВ theВ atmosphere, В inВ aВ processВ calledВ the ‘GreenhouseВ Effect'. В В WithoutВ this, В theВ radiationВ fromВ theВ SunВ wouldВ comeВ toВ EarthВ asВ heat, В andВ onlyВ beВ lostВ inВ space. В В EnergyВ fromВ theВ SunВ isВ penetratedВ toВ EarthВ andВ it'sВ lowerВ atmosphere, В warmsВ theВ Earth, В andВ keptВ inВ theВ biosphere. В GreenhouseВ gasesВ areВ theВ blockadeВ inВ theВ atmosphereВ toВ keepВ theВ radiationВ (heat)В fromВ leavingВ freely. В GreenhouseВ gasesВ includeВ carbonВ dioxide, В methane, В waterВ vapor, В CFC's, В andВ nitrousВ oxide. В TheВ reasonВ thatВ thisВ happens, В isВ becauseВ allВ ofВ thoseВ gasesВ absorbВ

theВ infraredВ heatВ wavelengths, В insteadВ ofВ lettingВ themВ passВ through. В ThisВ effectВ onВ theВ EarthВ hasВ positiveВ impacts, В alongВ withВ negativeВ ones. В В

SectionВ #3: В GlobalВ WarmingВ

One of these negative impacts is global warming.  Global warming is the term used to describe the overall increase of the temperature on the Globe.   Some may call it a hoax,  but scientific study shows that this a natural occurrence.   Even though they won't admit it,  it is all our fault!  Some causes include the wide variety of carbon dioxide,  an energy­hungry industry,  and other gases polluting the air.   Every single one of these causes are done by the human population.   We are the ones releasing these gases into the vulnerable air,  and producing the industry at such a high rate.   ​

FactoryВ farmingВ producesВ greenhouseВ gasesВ

throughoutВ theВ 'supplyВ chain'НѕВ forВ example, В forestВ clearanceВ toВ growВ theВ cropsВ andВ rearВ theВ animalsВ reducesВ vitalВ carbonВ 'sinks'В andВ releasesВ gasesВ previouslyВ storedВ inВ theВ soilВ andВ vegetation. В В Also, В accordingВ toВ aВ studyВ publishedВ byВ TheВ RoyalВ Society, В feedВ fromВ farmingВ isВ aВ dominantВ energyВ user, В takingВ aroundВ 75%В ofВ theВ totalВ energyВ requiredВ forВ farming. В TheВ causesВ forВ globalВ warmingВ areВ allВ undeniablyВ transparent. В В


SectionВ 4: В HowВ wouldВ globalВ warmingВ affect?... В

TheВ firstВ termВ usedВ usВ foodВ andВ waterВ supplies. В В GlobalВ warmingВ wouldВ negativelyВ affectВ bothВ ofВ theseВ supplements. В В ForВ one, В globalВ warmingВ meltsВ theВ iceВ capsВ andВ glaciersВ upВ inВ theВ cold. В В So, В theВ seaВ levelВ ofВ theВ oceanВ waterВ skyВ rocketsВ toВ aВ crazyВ rate. В MoreВ waterВ inВ theВ oceanВ andВ seaВ levelsВ rising, В meansВ butВ oneВ thing: В flooding. В В ThisВ leadsВ toВ theВ otherВ termВ partneredВ withВ waterВ supplies, В whichВ isВ food. В В TheВ floodsВ haveВ theВ abilityВ toВ destroyВ agriculturalВ landscapes, В andВ humanВ populationsВ inВ general. В В IceВ meltingВ inВ theВ glaciersВ areВ anВ allВ­aroundВ biteВ inВ theВ buttВ forВ homoВ sapiens. В В MoreВ heatВ mayВ alsoВ causeВ drierВ dessertsВ inВ placesВ likeВ California, В whereВ forestВ firesВ areВ plentifulВ nowadays. В WithВ lessВ moistureВ andВ moreВ heat, В firesВ couldВ igniteВ inВ anВ instant. В BiodiversityВ wouldВ ceaseВ toВ thriveВ asВ prominentlyВ asВ itВ onceВ did. В В TooВ muchВ ofВ anВ extremeВ ofВ temperatureВ isВ noВ buenoВ forВ humanВ health. В В DiseasesВ areВ spreadВ moreВ rapidlyВ throughВ sweatyВ touch. В В AndВ whoВ wantsВ that? В В Also, В IВ don'tВ knowВ aboutВ others… ButВ IВ becomeВ incrediblyВ moreВ vulnerableВ toВ gettingВ sickВ whenВ I'mВ atВ oneВ extremeВ ofВ temperatureВ orВ theВ other. В В GlobalВ warmingВ willВ

leadВ usВ nowhere, В exceptВ toВ highВ seaВ levels, В poorerВ humanВ health, В flood, В andВ drought. В В

SectionВ #5: В SavingВ TheВ PlanetВ

SavingВ theВ planetВ mayВ beВ particularlyВ difficultВ atВ thisВ point. В SinceВ weВ areВ soВ farВ intoВ theВ technologicalВ advancementВ weВ mayВ beВ entirelyВ tooВ farВ toВ reverse. В В WeВ canВ stillВ alwaysВ try. В В ForВ one, В fixingВ theВ holeВ inВ theВ ozoneВ...

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