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Section A: Info Response Queries (DRQs) [5 marks]

1 . Figure you shows the fertility charge of women (by regions) by 1950 to 2020.

Number 1

Origin: Ithaca College or university Gerontology Company

a. Review the changes in the fertility costs of women in the three shown areas (world, more created region and less developed region) from 1950 to 2020. [3]

Level (0. 5m)

The virility rates of ladies in all 3 areas/regions have fallen through the years from 1950 to 2020 (projected). Supporting data (0. 5m)

The virility rate of women in the world region has dropped drastically by 4. 9 per female in 1950 to installment payments on your 5 every woman in 2020, almost halving (fall of 49%). This is combined by the decline in male fertility rate with the less developed regions coming from 6. 1 in 1950 to 2 . 5 per woman in 2020 (fall of 59%). For produced regions, the fertility level fell from 2 . almost 8 per woman in 1950 to installment payments on your 1 every woman in 2020 (fall of 25%).

Point (0. 5m)

The male fertility rates of girls in less developed area and in the earth region provides declined at a quicker pace as compared to the fertility rate of women in developed location. Supporting data (0. 5m)

This is supported by the earlier pair of data proven in that virility rates in the less developed region plus the world location declining even more drastically by 59% and 49% as compared with developed region's decline for 25% between the years of 1950 and 2020.

Point (0. 5m)

While the fertility rates of women in less designed region in addition to the world location have been weak continuously among 1950 and 2025 the fertility costs of women in developed area has dropped between 1950 and 2k and begun to increase (rebounded slightly) by 2000 to 2020 Helping data (0. 5m)

This can be seen in the decline in fertility prices from 6. 1 to 2. a few per girl for less developed region and from some. 9 to 2 . a few per girl for the earth region while the fertility costs of women in developed location has dropped between 1950 and 2150 (from installment payments on your 8 to 2 . zero per woman) and started to increase by 2000 to 2020 (from 2 . 0 to installment payments on your 1)

Point (0. 5m)

Fertility level of the much less developed area is always greater than the created region as 1950 although the gap between them is narrowing, leading to a gradual affluence in the male fertility rates. Supporting data (0. 5m)

In 1950, there exists a difference of 3. 2 every woman between the developed region and the much less developed location and by 2020 there is a output of a big difference of 0. 4 every woman between developed place and the much less developed location.

Point (0. 5m)

Male fertility rate from the less developed region steadily converge with the fertility on the planet region as time passes (from 1950 to 2020), achieving the same fertility price by 2020. Supporting info (0. 5m) In 1950, there is a big difference of 1. two children every woman involving the less designed region plus the world place and by 2020 there is a projection of no difference between your two areas, with both areas achieving installment payments on your 5 every woman in 2020.

Any of the three factors (including the first ‘big picture' point)

b. Describe two causes of the changes in fertility price in the less developed place from 1960 to 2010.[2]

В· With better healthcare (0. 5m), which will refers to better medicine readily available, many lovers may believe that it is not important to have many kids to ensure several will survive to adult life. Hence, as time passes, fertility level falls (0. 5m). В· As the less produced countries financially develop or industrialise (0. 5m) and be less rustic in nature/fewer people are working in the farms, there is less need for children to are free labour in the facilities for the parents. Hence, after some time, fertility charge will show up (0. 5m).

В· Together with the development of the less developed countries, you will discover more educational opportunities for women or more equal rights for women...

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