French Braid and Hair

 French Braid and Curly hair Essay

Demonstration Speech Outline


General Purpose: To demonstrate

Specific Purpose: To show to the audience how to french braid locks. Central Thought: It is helpful to know how to france braid since it stretches its way over and above its initial heritage. I actually. Introduction

A. Do you observe things that you just wish you may do, but look as well complicated? Maybe if you tried out it, that wouldn't become so hard mainly because it looks? You may saw a hairstyle that you would like you could try to do with your hair. Whether it is straight hair, curled locks, a twist, or some sort of braid you are able to try. Therefore I have mastered the french braid. B. I possess known the right way to french braid for several years now. It helps myself with any kind of hair style I want to do. Many people for a laid back day or a special occasion. C. Today Let me show you the steps of how to make a french braid.

Transition: Let's get started simply by reviewing what material we will need.

II. Body

A. The first step is to become the elements together.

1 . There are only a few items you need to succeed french braid. a. Clean Medium-Long Hair

b. Hair Brush

c. Frizzy hair Tie

2 . Other items can be used, these are generally optional.

a. Locks spray

b. Elastics

c. Bobby buy-ins

Transition: Given that we have the materials we are able to start the first thing of french braiding.

N. The second step up the process is to prepare the hair.

1 . Clean through the curly hair you are going to start braiding.

a. No troubles

b. Not any knots

c. Smooth/Soft

installment payments on your Use the right kind of brush when preparing the hair.

a. Use a comb

b. Do not use combs

Transition: Now that we have ready the hair, we could start the french braid!

C. The third stage is to split a section of hair.

1 ) Grab a section of locks.

a. Regarding 4 ring finger widths large

b. At the crown with the head

c. Brush out the section of the head of hair

2 . Distinct the part of hair in to three parts.

a. Similar amounts for each and every part.

b. Refer to them as parts A, M, and C.

c. Left is A, Middle can be...

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