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 Ethan Frome Symbolism Dissertation

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25 March 2013

Symbolism of Options in Ethan Frome

Such as any typical novel, each detail implies something more deeply than what can be stated in simple text. In Ethan Frome, Edith Wharton represents the setting in symbolic ways that are essential for the central designs of isolation, isolation, plus the struggle between morality, desire, and seeking the happiness in both. Ethan marries Zeena for convenience, not for like, and away of him believing this individual has found love for Mattie, the central conflict emerges. Does this individual remain with Zeena, the woman he has turned vows to stay with through sickness and health, or does he pursue Mattie, the vibrant young woman who displays Ethan accurate happiness? Wharton uses distinct settings symbolically to show Ethan's feelings and the instances between every single woman.

The Starkfield winter months is most representational to the theme of the new. Zeena is similar to the winter- she is cold and bitter and is the reason why Ethan simply cannot leave Starkfield. Ethan becomes distant because of the confinement and deals with each systematically. At the end of each oppressing winter, the folks of Starkfield emerge from the siege " like a starved garrison capitulating without quarter” (Wharton 8), but Ethan cannot emerge from the grip of Zeena. The wintertime also signifies the build up of all the cold, death and tragedy in the village, along with Ethan's own loneliness, confinement, and displeasure.

Ethan and Zeena's bedroom is one more symbol for marriage. Zeena presides over the bedroom while she truly does with their matrimony. Their room is full of monochrome colors and darkness, just like their matrimony is lifeless and dull. Tension and unspoken words and phrases remain every day but " their thoughts [seem] to dart at each other just like serpents taking pictures venom” (Wharton 98). Nor of them may spare enough emotion for the other to even begin a fight, apart from one picture of open up anger inside their seven years together. Where most couples happily end their day...

Cited: Wharton, Edith. Ethan Frome. Nyc: Signet Classic, 2000. Print out.

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