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DIVISION OF ENGLISH OSMANIA UNIVERSITY CBCS -2010-11 Syllabus of MA (English) MA (Previous) Semester I Paper My spouse and i Paper II Paper 3 Paper 4 Paper Versus Semester II Paper I actually Paper II Paper III Paper IV Paper V Semester III Paper I actually Paper II Paper 3 Paper 4 Paper V History, Structure and Explanation of English –I English Literature to the Early 17th Century—I The english language Literature to the Early 17th Century—II British Literature of the Seventeenth & Eighteenth Century—I English Literature of the 17th & Eighteenth Century—II Record, Structure and Description of English –II English Literature of the Nineteenth Century—I English Literature of the Nineteenth Century—II English Materials of the Twentieth Century—I English language Literature in the Twentieth Century—II MA (Final) American Literature—I Indian Writing in English—I Postcolonial Literary works English Language Teaching Inter-Disciplinary (ID-I): Publishing for Academic and Professional Purposes Workshop

Semester 4 Paper We American Literature—II Paper II Indian Producing in English—II Paper 3 Specializations: 1) Women's Writing 2) American indian Literatures in Translation 3) Modern Timeless classics in Translation one field of expertise to be are available each school Paper 4 Project Function Paper Sixth is v Inter-Disciplinary (ID-II): Literature and Film Workshop

Department of English School College of Arts & Social Savoir Osmania School, Hyderabad MUM (Previous) Session I—(Papers We to V) Semester I—(Papers I to V) Newspaper I Product 1 Background, Structure and Description of English-I a) Indo-European Family of Languages b) Descent of English: Older English, Central English and Modern English language a) Language as a Approach to Communication b) Levels of Dialect Description: Phonology and Morphology a) Phonetic Description of Consonants b) Phonetic Information of Vowels a) Noun Phrase Framework (Determiners, pre and content modifiers, quantity, and gender) b) The straightforward Sentence in English a) Verb Key phrase Structure (Verb types, tense, aspect, concord; phrasal verbs) b) Dexterity and Subordination (Semantic Implications)

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Paper II Unit one particular

English Books up to the Early Seventeenth Century—I Background Renaissance; Reformation; Progress British Episode; University Wits Poetry Geoffrey Chaucer Edmund Spenser Standard Prologue towards the Canterbury Tales Sonnets thirty four (" Lyke as a Ship…”) Sonnet fifty four (" In the World's Theatre…”) Sonnet 68 (" The majority of Glorious Master of Life…”) Everyman in the Humour The Duchess of Malfi The Spanish Tragedie Doctor Faustus

Unit 2

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Drama Ben Jonson Ruben Webster Theatre Thomas Kyd Christopher Marlowe

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Section of The english language University School of Artistry & Social Sciences Osmania University, Hyderabad Unit a few Prose Francis Bacon Friend Philip Sidney

Essays (" Of Truth”, " Of Death”, " Of Revenge”) An Apologie for Poetrie

Paper III Unit 1 Unit 2

English Materials up to the Early on Seventeenth Century—II Background Translation of the Holy book; Utopia; Misfortune; Comedy Theatre William Shakespeare Crisis William Shakespeare Poetry John Apporte George Herbert Poetry Claire Marvell Richard Lovelace King Lear Holly IV: Part I Twelfth Night The Tempest " A Valediction”, " The Canonization” " The Good-Morrow” " Virtue”, " Pulley”, " Collar” " To His Coy Mistress”, " Garden” " To Althea From Prison” To Lucasta, Going Past the Seas”

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Paper IV Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit several Unit 4

English Materials of the 17th and 18th Centuries—I Backdrop Allegory; Neo-Classicism; Epic; Surge of the English Novel Poems John Milton Paradise Misplaced (Bks My spouse and i & IX) Poetry Steve Dryden Absalom and Achitophel " Macintosh Flecknoe” Fiction Daniel Defoe Robinson Crusoe Henry Fielding Joseph Andrews Prose David Dryden Dissertation of Dramatic Poesy (Up to " Examen of ‘The Quiet Woman'”) Preface to Shakespeare (Up for the paragraph Samuel Johnson starting " Therefore careless was this great poet…” 3

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