Corregidor Tropical isle: A Travel around Back in Time

 Corregidor Island: A Travelling Back in Time Composition

Corregidor Island: A travel into time

Corregidor Area is among those places that I've been hoping to see to visit for the lengthiest time. I've watched several travel documentaries, seen innovative photos coming from several travel and leisure bloggers about how beautiful the Corregidor Area was. However , I would certainly not categorize myself as a history buff although funny, can certainly make money was often amazed by informative remains of historical areas and damages that experienced how abundant and at the same time how beautiful Filipino history is.

Corregidor Island also known as " The Rock” is a tiny rocky isle in the Israel which is portion of the municipality of Cavite rather than Bataan. Quite interestingly about it, was, the island is designed like a tadpole. This island fortress stands as a memorial service for the courage, valor and gallantry of their Filipino and American defenders during World War II.

The College of SIHM got the opportunity to finally visit the tropical isle, and blessed me! I'm a Travel and leisure student! It was through a tour package that was organized by Mrs. Ma. Luisa Doon, Travel and leisure Society agent, and gladly for P1, 700. 00 it shouldered all bills including each of our bus travel from WCC to Pasay, the Ferry ride to Corregidor, a guided travel via Tranvia and lunch time pack to get our working day tour in Corregidor.

The trip was scheduled previous January twenty-four, 2013. We have to be for Sun Cruise ships Terminal by 7am on the day of our trip as the cruise will certainly aboard for exactly 8am.

Below is the set day time tour plans of Sunlight Cruise.

'07: 00-07: 30- Check-in by CCP Bay, Sun Cruise trip Terminal

'08: 00- ETD Manila

09: 15- Appearance in Corregidor. Start of Guided Isle Tour

Sites (Malinta Canal, Batteries, Japan Garde, Philippine Heroes Funeral service, Mile Long Barracks, Spanish Light Home, Cine Corregidor, Pacific Warfare Memorial, Endless Flame, March Ground and a lot more).

doze: 00- Lunch time at La Playa Reastaurant

01: 00- Continuation of Tour

03: 00-End of Tour/Boarding

03: 45-Departure from Corregidor...

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