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 Essay regarding Conference Administration

Global J. of Engng. Educ., Vol. almost 8, No . 2 Published in Australia

© 2004 UICEE

The introduction of Online Conference Management Equipment as a College student Project* Özdemir Göl Andrew Nafalski Thien D. Nguyen Quang To. Tran

University of To the south Australia, Mawson Lakes Blvd, Mawson Lakes, Adelaide, SA 5095, Sydney

In this article, the authors explain online conference management tools that have been produced at the University or college of South Australia (UniSA), Adelaide, Down under, by college students as their final year electrical and data engineering design and style project. These tools have been used to manage a worldwide conference. The Web tools enable a host of tasks to be managed efficiently. These kinds of tasks cover the whole variety of conference related business, such as the issuing of call-for-papers and providing advice about the conference, strategies of contacting the conference organisers, registrations of interest, online distribution of abstracts (and, afterwards, full papers) and on-line reviewing of contributions. The project features satisfied many criteria with regards to suitability to get engendering graduate student qualities in senior engineering students.


The creation of Internet-based on-line systems features revolutionised the management of almost every possible form of liveliness, ranging from buying products to handling finances. Indeed, the business of specialist conferences continues to be no exception. Gone are the days for calls-for-papers, paper syndication, and sign up documents that really must be printed and distributed in substantial price by frequent post. All of this, and more, can be routinely accomplished online. It might not be generally recognised how complex a job organising a conference is. Many logistics problems can be solved in a very sensitive way by simply avoiding bottlenecks and inadvertent friction details. If online learning resources are to be used, this requires the mastery of sophisticated skills ranging from methodical thinking to multifaceted computing skills. Regrettably, generic application for practical online meeting management *A revised and expanded variation of a paper presented in the 4th Global Congress on Engineering Education, held in Bangkok, Thailand, from 5 to 9 July 2004. This paper was awarded the UICEE precious metal award (third grade) by simply popular political election of Meeting participants for the most significant contribution to the discipline of engineering education.

is usually hardly offered. These factors make the task suitable as being a challenging matter for a final year power engineering job. The creators of this conventional paper have variously been vested with the responsibility of organising international meetings. This has been among the underlying motives for designating the topic being a final yr group job.


It is a common requirement in the University of South Down under (UniSA), Adelaide, Australia, for final season students to generate a design requirements as a guideline that leads to the implementation from the project [1]. The structure specification is to identify the constraints in resources for the project and establish conditions to evaluate the success of the results. In this case, learners were given the work of creating a Webbased management system for an international conference. They will identified the subsequent as the cardinal criteria for the project: • Information content: The site must contain important up-to-date data related to the stage over the timeline in the conference work schedule, including the supply for the registration of



Ö. Göl et approach interest, mechanisms to recognize and respond to senders of enquiries, the creation of the mailing list and database, the broadcasting of e-mail emails to those on the mailing list and the dynamic upgrading of the Site to echo the current express of seminar activities. The submission of abstracts and papers: Supply must be generated for proposed advantages to be up-loaded directly with the Web site....

Referrals: 1 . Sommerville, I., Application Engineering (6th edn). Reading: Addison Wesley (2001). 2 . Sklar, L., Principles of Web Design. Canada: Course Technology (2000). a few. Tran, Q. and Nguyen, T., Internet-based Conference Administration. Final Year Design Job Report, College or university of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia (2003). 4. Foreign Conference upon Electrical Equipment in Australia (ICEMA), University of South Sydney, Adelaide, Sydney (2004), 5. College or university of To the south Australia, Graduate Qualities (2004), gradquals/staffIndex. htm


Özdemir Göl has had extensive experience since an executive educator in addition to his substantial professional experience. His academic profession has included appointments in electrical engineering at colleges in Poultry and

one-hundred and eighty-eight

Ö. Göl et 's Quang Thai Tran received his Bachelor of Engineering in Computers Engineering in 2004 in the University of South Australia (UniSA), Adelaide, Australia. Seeing that graduation, this individual has worked since an Information Technologist at the UniSA. He is today studying to get his MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTATION degree on the UniSA in Information and Communications Technology Management.

In 1989, Thien Dug Nguyen showed up from Vietnam in Adelaide, Australia, in which he continued along with his education. He graduated in 2004 through the University of South Quotes (UniSA), Adelaide, Austalia, with a Bachelor of Engineering level, specialising in neuro-scientific Computer Systems Architectural.

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