Computer system Security Concerns

 Essay about Computer Security Issues

Reliability of Laptop Network Program

Abstract: This kind of paper talked about the protected and dependable problem about the computer network system. On some aspects: the importance of network reliability, basic theory, function, plus the method of fixing a problem, etc . Good landscapes for fixing the problem are put forward. That strengthens householder's consciousness about network secureness.

Key words: Computer system network Digital private network Encryption approaches Firewall

Launch: Along with the computer network technology development, the network security and the reliability have become the problem of prevalent interest by simply all users. The people every hoped their particular network program can move reliably, certainly not external burglar disturbance and destruction. As a result solves the network protection and the trusted problem cautiously, is a guarantee the network usual operation's assumption and secure.

First, the importance of the network security. With the informationization developing fast today, the computer network obtained the widespread program, but together with the network info transmission potential growing quicker, some companies and departments benefit the speedup with all the service operation in the network, while, the info has also endured to level attack and destruction. The aggressor may possibly intercept the info in the network, steals the user's username and password, the repository information; can also tamper with all the database articles, the forge user's status, denies very own signature. And what is more, the aggressor may well delete the database content, the eliminate node, produces computer virus and so on. This cause data security and personal benefit have received the serious risk.

According to American FBI (US Federal Bureau of Investigation) investigation, the network security makes the economic loss outshines 17, 000, 000, 500 dollars each year. 75% organization report financing loss is basically because the computer system security problem creates. More than 50% secure threat are derived from inside. Nevertheless only 59% loss could be possible calculate. In China and tiawan, the monetary loss volume in view of economic domain as well as the bank, flexible securities computer system security challenges creates has reached of up to several hundred million Yuan, likewise sometimes takes place in view of other profession network security threat.

Thus it can be seen, in spite of is the indicate attack, or unconscious disoperation, will all be able to take the inestimable damage to the system. Therefore , the computer network need to have the enough strong protection measure. Regardless of is in the local area network or in WAN, the network security measure should be Omni-directional in view of each kind of several threat and the vulnerability, so that it can guarantee the network information's secrecy, the integrity and the usability.

Second, network reliability rationale. Foreign Standardization Business (ISO) once suggested the pc security the meaning was: " The computer program must guard its components, the data certainly not accidentally or perhaps reveals deliberately, the change and the devastation. ” To be able to help the laptop user splendour and the remedy computer network security difficulty, the American Department of Defense declared " the orange peel off book” (orange book, established name is definitely " reliable computer system regular appraisal criterion”), has carried on the stipulation to the multiuser computer system secureness rank division.

The fruit peel publication from low to high divides into the computer secureness four sorts of seven amounts: D1, C1, C2, B1, B2, B3, A1. Most importantly, D1 level does not have the lowest protection margin rank, C1 plus the C2 level has the lowest safety perimeter rank, B1 and the B2 level gets the medium safekeeping of security ability rank, B3 and A1 is one of the highest secureness rating.

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