Begin with Dropbox

 Get Started With Dropbox Essay

Figure out how to get started with Dropbox:





Keep your

documents safe

Consider your stuff


Send large


Work with files


Welcome to Dropbox!



Keep your files safe

Dropbox permits you to save docs, photos, video tutorials, and other documents — all in one place — and automatically backs up your things.

So if your computer breaks down or you leave your mobile phone on

the train, you itens is safe.

Put files on your Dropbox

About Windows or Mac

1 . Make sure you've installed the desktop app on your computer. installment payments on your Drag and drop data files into the Dropbox folder. That's it!





Upon dropbox. com

1 . Register to dropbox. com.

installment payments on your Click the Upload button towards the top of the windows.

3. Pick the file you'd like to add, and click Open up.

4. Or perhaps, just drag and drop files into your

internet browser.

On iOS or Android os

1 . Faucet the More actions menu (... ) icon in the top-right corner. installment payments on your Choose Publish File (in iOS) or Upload in this article (in Android).

3. Pick the location you want to upload data from.

5. Select the data you'd like to put, and then faucet Upload.






Take your stuff anywhere

Save your photos and docs to Dropbox, and access these people on any computer, cellphone, or tablet with the Dropbox app. Every single file you save to Dropbox is quickly synced to all your products, so you can get on your stuff coming from anywhere.

Set up the desktop and portable apps

Find the desktop iphone app

Get the iOS app


Get the Android app



Send out large documents

Need to mail a file? Just add this to your Dropbox, share the link to this, and you aren't done. No matter how large the file is usually, anyone with the hyperlink can view or download a copy — even if they don't have a Dropbox bank account.

Share a link to a file

On dropbox. com

1 ) Sign in to dropbox. com, and find the file or folder you'd like to share. 2 . Hover within the file or folder, and click the S​hare ​button that appears. (If you're showing a folder, you'll see a drop-down menu. Choose S​end link. )

3. Your email addresses in the people you would like to invite, and click Mail. ​Or, duplicate and insert the link.



About Windows or Mac

1 ) Install the Dropbox computer system app ​i​f you haven’t already. 2 . Open your Dropbox folder, in order to find the document or file you'd like to share. 3. Right-click on the file and select S​hare Dropbox Link. ​The website link will be copied automatically. Merely paste it into an email, instant meaning, or anywhere you'd like visitors to access it.






Work on data files together

Work together on presentations and paperwork — without emailing data back and forth. Merely create a shared folder through adding other people to it. As you edit a file in a distributed folder, everyone instantly provides the latest version prove devices.

Set up a shared folder

Upon dropbox. com

1 . Sign in to dropbox. com, and click on Reveal a file... ​at the most notable of the home window.

2 . Choose I​'d want to create and share a new folder, ​click Subsequent, ​a​nd enter in a identity for your distributed folder.



3. Click N​ext, ​and enter the email addresses from the people you wish to invite.

some. Add a personal message if you want, and just click Share file.




Hooray, now you aren't a Dropbox all-star!

If you're all set to work with Dropbox. Begin now,

and enable us know what you think on Twitter. ​

See more tips and tricks

Have a look at our Help Center to find out how to recover old types of files, save space on your computer with Selective Sync, and check out other advanced features.

Dropbox also includes many security tools

to help you even more protect your account and info.

Visit each of our Security webpage to learn tips on how to create

a powerful, unique security password, enable two-step

verification, and adjust the security configurations.

There's much more to Dropbox

Need more space or extra sharing settings?

Check out Dropbox...

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