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Paris Junior Colleg


Authorities 2305 Syllabus

Fall Term 2012

Teacher Information

Term: _John Corkill_____

Office Location: _Online Course___

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Email: [email protected] edu

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Study course Information

Program Title: Usa Government

Course Number: GOVERNMENT 2305

Program Description: GOVT 2305 can be described as study states federal and constitutional devices; executive, judicial, and legal powers and institutions; the United States Constitution, foreign and military policies, financial and economic development, creation and business; political parties and ideologies; federal and interstate relationships; close study of various current problems.


Materials: American Democracy At this point by Harrison, Harris.

second Edition ISBN # 0077550285


Program Objectives

After successful completion of GOVT 2305, the student can:

• enhance their awareness of a citizen's responsibility within a democracy.

• enhance his/her crucial thinking expertise and recognize the ramifications of governmental structure in American culture.

• maximize his/her knowledge and comprehension of the United States Constitution and federalism.

• understand the political environment; political functions, campaigns, polls and voting; the role of the media, public opinion and unique interest groupings.

• understand the ideas of civil liberties and civil privileges; constitutional freedoms and the Costs of Rights; the Detrimental Rights Movement, women's avis and the evolution of equal rights for everybody.

• be familiar with structure and the organization of the federal government; the functions and roles in the President, Our elected representatives, the Judiciary and the bureaucracy.

Course Competencies

GOVT 2305 will assist students in the development of the following expertise:

• developing and communicating alternative explanations or perhaps solutions intended for contemporary sociable issues. • using and critiquing alternative explanatory devices or ideas. • examining the effects of historical, social, personal, economic, ethnical and global forces within the area beneath study. • understanding the evolution and current role of the United States in the world. • analyzing and developing innovative solutions to open public policy challenges. • realizing and if, perhaps one's responsibility as a resident in a democratic society by simply learning to believe for one self, by doing public discourse, and by obtaining information throughout the news media and also other appropriate data sources about politics and public plan. • discovering and understanding differences and commonalities within diverse civilizations. • knowing the beginnings and progression of the U. S. political system, with a focus on the growth of politics institutions, the Constitution states, federalism, civil liberties, and civil and human legal rights.

Course Requirements/Format

The course will be divided into four parts. Each section has its own topics and examining assignments. Every section is definitely followed by an area Exam. Section Exams will not be comprehensive, and will only cover material from the Section they proceed.

Section I

Section 1 " People, Governmental policies, and Participation”

Chapter a couple of " The Constitution”

Part 3 " Federalism”

Section I Test (Sept. 17- Sept. 19)

Section 2

Chapter 10 " Congress”

Chapter doze " The Presidency”

Chapter 14 " The Judiciary”

Section II Exam (Oct. 15- March. 17)

Section III

Phase 6 " Political Socialization and Public Opinion”

Phase 8 " Political Parties”

Chapter 9 " Polls, Campaigns, and Voting”

Section III Examination (Nov. 12 Nov. 14)

Section IV

Chapter 5 " Civil Liberties”

Part 5 " Civil Rights”

Chapter 15 " Monetary Policy”

Section IV Test (Dec. 10- Dec. 12)


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