American Revolutionary Conflict and United kingdom Troops

 American Innovative War and British Troops Essay

Source 1: Map in the events of April 18-19, 1775

1 . Which biker makes it through South Bridge to alert the colonists in Rapport that the English are coming? William Dawson was the driver to notify the settlers that the Uk are approaching. 2 . Which towns will the British military services go through when they leave Boston? Cambridge, Menotomy and Lexington 3. Assess the British way. How do earning it towards the mainland from Boston? Carry out they enter in by property or by sea? Describe your answer using geographic landmarks. That they made it towards the mainland via Boston proceed across Charlestown. They get into by sea(Charles river or perhaps Mystic river) 4. How come do you think that the Sons of Liberty set up to have several riders advise that the British were progressing? Having 3 riders offered the Patriots a better chance of getting the information through. Its harder to catch three people in several directions. Source 2: John Parker's Certificate

1 ) According to John Parker, what had been his requests to his colonial soldiers if these people were approached simply by British soldiers? What had been his requests once the soldiers approached? Clarify in your own terms. To not do anything unless that they try these people, in that case these were disperse, certainly not fire. 2 . What does Parker say the English troops did when they approached his militia? He says the British raced them and shot eradicating eight guys 3. How credible is definitely John Parker's testimony? Very Credible

Origin 3: Edward cullen Gould's Affidavit

1 . What does Lieutenant Gould testify concerning who terminated first for Lexington? He don't know who did. installment payments on your What does he say regarding who fired first by Concord? That they fired initial at Rapport. 3. Just how credible can be his consideration? Justify the reasoning. Not really Credible. Because he doesn't present much details in his affidavit. Source four: Illustration of Battle of Lexington

1 ) What does this kind of picture inform you of the Battle of Lexington? The English Destroyed all. 2 . What is the colonial response if the British turn up? Use data from the painting to justify your response. They all back off...

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