Air Conditioner Text message Mobile Remote control System

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A Thesis Document

Published to the

Division of Information and Computer Research

Faculty of Engineering

University of Lamina Tomas

Simply by:

DANCEL, Darlene M.

STA. MARIA, Giselle M.

PONCE, Terence Matt M.

03 2010



A. Introduction1

B. Background from the Study2

C. Theoretical Framework3

D. Conceptual Framework5

Electronic. Statement with the Problem6

Farrenheit. Objectives from the Study7

G. Significance of the Study8

They would. Scope and Delimitations in the Study9

My spouse and i. Definition of Terms10


A. Home Monitoring Remotely thru SMS12

M. Wireless Home Networking17

C. Wireless Technology21

D. Computerized or Clever Homes24

At the. Home Monitoring28

F. Technology29

G. PAN (Personal Place Network)31

They would. Security31

My spouse and i. SMS (Short Message Service)32

J. Mobile phone Phones36

E. Air Conditioner38

L. Refrigerator39

M. Microcontroller40

N. Microprocessor41

O. GSM(Global System intended for Mobile Communications)42

P. Inserted System43

Q. Bluetooth44


A. Research Method45

B. Research Design45

C. Description with the Respondents46

G. Research Instrument46

E. Sample Technique47

Farrenheit. Data-Gathering Procedure49

G. Statistical Treatment of Data49

H. Incomplete List of References49



A. Introduction

Technology has certainly contributed a lot to the growth of modern appliances that we use today. Solutions merge to develop new and improved systems. The same theory applies to cookware; the home devices of today will be certainly more complex than their very own previous ages. A good example will be microwave ovens, which originated from the merging of a number of technologies. It is currently possible to cook food in a matter of seconds with the aid of microwave stoves. Also, among the many things that technology has taken to all of us is ac which originated in electric enthusiasts. Electric followers are made for the sole reason for providing standard air fresh air. As technology advanced, so did the advantages of better air ventilation and therefore, the air moisturizing hair product was born. From living rooms to large halls, air conditioners have certainly superior our life-style drastically. Ac units have also contributed to improving well being by providing cozy temperature and air air flow. In some areas with substantial summer temps, air conditioning is definitely virtually absolutely essential and not just an extravagance because of the convenience that it offers. The advancement of technology has absolutely made home controlling a piece of cake for the folks of today.

M. Background with the Study

Air conditioners have undoubtedly changed the way in which we are living as of today. However , with the convenience it provides includes a high electrical power bill. Ac units are certainly not one of the most cost-effective electronic equipment in a business or establishment because it consumes a lot of energy. As the large energy consumption can be justified with all the comfort it provides, the real difficulty of the subject is when the user does not use the ac units efficiently, this results to wasted power usage. On one more note, air conditioning units contribute to around the world which is why it is important to utilize our air conditioners since efficiently as is feasible.

Since the technology of SMS inside the Philippines is considered cheap, the researchers recommend SMS as being a practical solution. Also, TEXT MESSAGE is almost accessible almost anywhere in the Philippines. Microcontrollers may demonstrate to be very essential to the study due to its ability to control and interface with different electronics.

With a TEXT based remote controller, persons can now control their own ac units...

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