Effect of Force and Mass on Acceleration

 Effect of Pressure and Mass on Speed Essay

The Effects of Force and Mass on an Object's Acceleration

Abstract: From this lab there were two rules of sciene investigated. The first was your relationship among applied power and acceleration. The second was the relationship among mass and acceleration. To study these two interactions, my companions and I used a powerful cart with added mass on it. This kind of cart was then attached with a pulley system on a " frictionless track” wherever it was pulled by a chain bearing mass over the edge of a table. In the first marriage tested, used force and acceleration, mass was shifted from becoming on the wagon to being on the end in the pulley. My personal partners and i also measured the acceleration together with the LabQuest computer every time the cart was launched. In order to test the relationship among mass and acceleration, my group added different numbers of mass for the cart and measured the changes in acceleration. From each of the data collected we figured force and acceleration have a direct, thready relationship. All of us also established that mass and acceleration have an inverse, quadratic romance.


When my personal lab lovers and I began this lab, we came in knowing several background information on what we had been doing and the concepts involved. We recognized that we was required to determine the relationships among acceleration within a system plus the net force acting on the machine. We as well knew we had to uncover the relationship between acceleration and mass inside the system. Some major ideas we had to know prior to the lab were Newton's Fist Regulation of Motion, acceleration, net forces, and inertia. Newton's first regulation states that the object sleeping will remain sleeping, and an object in movement will remain in motion, with the same rate and way unless served on simply by an unbalanced force. This is very important because i was aware that when an object is usually moving in constant velocity there is a net force of zero. This gave my own group the basic knowledge of acceleration, an interest rate of alter of velocity over time; since we realized that when there is an bumpy net pressure the object must be accelerating/ decelerating. This as well allowed my own group to understand how net forces function, which is particularly significant since this lab consists of net forces that are not zero. For the reason that track the cart rode on used to be " frictionless, ” my group used each of our prior knowledge to imagine the only unbalanced force inside the system was from the side to side tension in the string. My personal groups' understanding that inertia is definitely an objects' tendency to remain at rest and resist action helped all of us during the lab as well. With this history knowledge we were able to execute the appropriate trials to gain the correct results to get our lab.


The purpose of this laboratory was to decide the relationship among mass and acceleration. One other purpose was going to determine the partnership between the speeding in a system and the net force that may be acting on the program. We wanted to deepen our knowledge of these interactions by demonstrating already known theories intended for ourselves.


In the event the mass in the cart can be kept frequent but the net force from the system raises (hanging fat over the pulley), then the velocity will increase. The acceleration will increase because a larger force may cause the object to maneuver faster. This is because as the forces become more unbalanced in the horizontal axis the easier it really is for a subject to overcome its inertial tendency to be at rest. Nevertheless , if the mass of the cart changes but the force is definitely kept regular, then the speed will lower. This will happen because the heavy the object is definitely the more pressure needed so that it can be able to move. Adding mass will increase the object's inertial propensity to stay sleeping.

Lab Sketching:


To test the partnership between speeding and pressure (constant mass) my laboratory partners and I set up a metal basket...

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